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About Iritis

Iritis is a form of frontal uveitis which causes severe inflammation in the both eyes. The pain develops in the iris of the eye. Uveitis is basically a swelling formation and irritation of the uvea which lead much pain in the middle layer of the eye. Most importantly, uvea develops consistent blood supply to the retina and that causes this disease in particular.

ICD-10 H20.0
ICD-9 364.0

Symptoms of Iritis:

  • Pain occur particularly in ocular and periorbital
  • The patient has photophobia
  • Pain in affected eye when light is shown in unaffected eye and it is like vice-versa
  • Having blurred or cloudy vision at the day time
  • The person suffers with reddened eye to the iris
  • White blood cells and protein which are also called as flare that leak into the anterior chamber of the eye and this is the symptom which results in a grey or near-white haze
  • Sticking to iris to lens or cornea is also one of the most prominent symptoms.
  • The important symptom of Iritis is motion sickness
  • Sometimes dark and floating spots in the vision are also turned as main symptoms of this disease
  • Sensitivity to light is the foremost symptom of Iritis.

Treatment of Iritis:

Although Iritis appeares as mild, it may turn severe at times. There are many important treatments available to treat this disease. Some of the important treatments of Iritis are given below:
Dark glasses – The usage of dark glasses is the main precaution of this disease and therefore doctors prescribe dark glasses to the patients at first.

Eye drops that dilate the pupil to relieve pain – Doctors prescribe some of important eye drops to get immediate relieve from the eye pain. The pain of the eye turn severe at times and therefore, doctors cannot treat the patients if he/she has the eye pain.

Steroid eye drops – This type of eye drops are also considered good treatment for this disease as it helps to develop the function of the immune system. These types of eye drops can be taken by mouth.

However, doctors also prescribe for posterior uveitis treatment which depends on the fundamental cause. Sometimes, the disease develops a body-wide infection and therefore doctors use antibiotics and powerful anti-inflammatory medicines. This type of treatment is also called corticosteroids.

Causes of Iritis:

The most common cause of Iritis is inflammation in the front part of the eye. The disease name is Iritis because the infection only affects the iris. Iris is the colored part of the eye and the infection of this disease affects there directly. The disease may appear on both young aged and old aged people. Iritis may extend in the condition of a body-wide infection resulting an autoimmune disease. Therefore, it is better to get well treatment at the early time of the infection of this disease because once the disease grows then it takes much to recover.

Iritis Types:

Basically there are two main types of Iritis namely acute and chronic. Both types are totally different for each other. There are very less treatments found for chronic iritis but acute iritis has good treatments available now.