Intestinal Worms Home Remedies

It is really disappointing to have intestinal worms inside the stomach as they put you in various troubles. These parasites can multiply in the body and there are two types of worms known as the round worms and the tapeworms. These parasites are mostly seen in children due to irregular diet. The worms grow well in sweet and sugary environment. 

Following are the Causes for Growth of Intestinal Worms

  • Eating more amount of food that are difficult to digest

  • Consuming lot of sugary foods like jaggery

  • Taking food in wrong timings

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Going to bed in daytime

  • Eating incompatible foods together like warm foods with honey, watermelon and milk etc. 

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms

  • Fever

  • Stomach pain

  • Vomiting sensation

  • Dizziness

  • Loss or increase of appetite

  • Weakness  

  • Loss of weight

Following are a few Intestinal Worms Home Remedies

  • Take fresh ground coconut in the breakfast. Then after three hours 30 to 60 ml of castor oil added with 250 to 375 ml of warm milk should be taken. The patient has to continue the  process till he/she is completely relieved from pain

  • Chew three cloves of raw garlic daily in the morning

  • Take a tiny cup of grated carrots every morning. It is better not to add anything else to the meals

  • Just eat raw potato continuously for three days to get rid of intestinal worms

  • Take one tablespoon of fresh juice of a green papaya. Add equal amount of honey and three or four tablespoons of warm water to the papaya juice. After taking a dose of this mix, the patient should take a dose of 30 to 60 ml of castor oil added with 250 to 375 ml of warm milk. The exercise is to be repeated for two days if needed. But children should be given half of this dose 

  • The cold decoction prepared by using fresh barks of both the root and the stems of the pomegranate tree should be consumed in quantities of 90 to 180 ml and three times in a day

  • Take pineapple juice every morning

  • Intake of one or two table-spoon of dry mango seed powder added with warm water in the morning hours

  • Make juice of some black carrots. Take the juice two times a day. Continue the process for three days

  • Collect the seeds of lemon. Grind them and consume that powder with warm water

  • Eating one fresh apple daily at night could also be helpful in expelling the intestinal worms

  • Consume four or five fresh basil leaves daily in the morning or take one spoon of basil juice

  • Peel off some pumpkin seeds and crush them. Add the powder to 250 ml of warm water and drink. It is better to keep the stomach empty for one day and clear the intestine by having juice of boiled dry prune. Next day the pumpkin seed mix could be consumed to get better result.

Apart from following above tips, you should wash the vegetables, fish or meat properly before cooking and make sure that you are cooking it properly. Use boiled water while cooking food. Drink properly boiled milk. Do not eat stale meat. Keep the food covered all the time. Avoid eating unhygienic foods at roadside stalls.