International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women 2016

Date - November 25, 2015.

International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women 2015 theme is "Orange the world: End violence against women and girls", 2014 theme is - "Ending Violence Against Women".

The women activist worldwide has marked the 25th day of November as the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women ever since 1961. The date was decided to commemorate the brutal assassination of the three Mirabel sisters, Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa, in the year 1960, who were political activist in the Dominican Republic.

The International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women raises voice against the domestic, emotional, and physical and every other violence being done on the women around the world and calls for a equality and respect for women in the society. Though women have conquered almost every aspects of society and is equality taking the seats at different professions and positions, the violence against women race has not stopped completely.

When in some places women is seen to be given all the respect in society, the home violence and the mental and sexual assaults finds no end. So marking a day to raise voice against violence and to solicit for equality and respect has become inevitable in today's world.

Women Protection Act

Almost all countries in the world offer one or another law or bill which puts forth the right to equality and the right against women violence. However the violence and assault continues in one form or the other despite these helping bills which stand silent and blindfolded towards the violence most a time. 

Women are tortured and pained irrespective of the nation, creed or race and this violence against women is not always done by the opposite sex. Women faces violence from women, the nation's law and sometimes even from her brother, husband or son. She is mentally, physically and sexually abused at times even though the society 'gives' her a status of equality and respect. 

Sometimes the women protection acts around the world are not adequate to protect her though it has donated its share towards the upliftment and equality for women and protection is a small percentage of cases. The Women Protection act and the laws against women violence in some countries are not given adequate importance and sometimes the women gets tortured and just have no right of media to raise her voice or don’t know how to do it.

Why a International Day For Elimination Of Violence Against Women

An International Day for the Elimination Of Violence against women has helped to create an awareness against the people and has done its bit in spreading the need for women equality and the right against violence. The year by year observance of the day has educated the world of the importance of women, the assault and the mental trauma some has to undergo and the different media she can approach for help and the many number of rights by which she can protect herself. 

The International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women has a special importance to spread awareness as, though there are several laws to see to the protection of women, most people are unaware of it and are also unaware of the different forum and groups which works and help women in achieving her status, the status she should be enjoying in the society and at home.

Women suffer inequality, mental and physical torture and are also sexually harassed irrespective of her age, race economic status or the place where she lives in. Though some countries and its very strict rules have helped to reduce the torture and violence against women we just can't say that it has been completely removed. The rate of women cruelty may be significantly differ at different nation and in different regions of the same country but it is everywhere. We will have to be injecting the feeling of respect for women into the heart of people around the world if we will have to see an end to this social inequality and gender violence, and the day against women violence does just that.

The special day for women that raises voice against violence towards her has made the people, the women especially aware that there are places she could go if she is treated badly or is assaulted, the women are also made aware that she should not be bearing the pain when there are laws that promise to take action against each and everyone practicing violence against women in any form.