International Day of Action for Women's Health 2017

Every Year the 28th Day of May is observed as the International Day of Action on Women's Health throughout the world. The 1987 meeting of the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) at Costa Rica, decided that May 28 will be observed every year as the day focusing on the action to be taken to improve Women's health. Every year WGNRR raise a call for action to protect women's health and takes steps towards improving the conditions for betterment of the health.

Why should there be a Day to take Action for Women's Health Issues

 Human life may be at its most comfortable state today than it was a few years ago, the new technologies and the discovery of novel medicines has led to the improvement of life and the steep decrease in death rate. But today a number of other diseases have increased its victims mostly the diseases like AIDS and other sexually transmitted ones. The comfort of living and the improved hospital may be a very positive one but do you know that there are still places on the earth where the basic medical treatment and the proper health care are not easily accessed, a number of people are dying from diseases like flu, TB and Jaundice and pregnancy complication which is easily treatable and curable in today's world.

Women especially are losing their life and health due to the little care given during pregnancy and child birth, babies are many times still born or handicapped as the mother was not given proper care, adequate nutrient and the right medicine when she was expecting. Sometimes mother's life is also put at risk leading to her death of very much complicated delivery.

Besides the inadequate health care offered in the place, the sexual inequalities also makes the women less accessible to the medication and health care. Most of the time, her health care is not given adequate importance as she herself is not considered as an important part of the society. And most of the time she doesn’t or couldn't raise the voice for the health care and medication she need. 

What does the Day Focus on

The International Day of Action on Women's Health is a day to call for action towards the improvisation of women's health. The main focus of the International Day of Action on Women's Health and the WGNRR lies on protecting the sexual and reproductive health of women. The WGNRR works for the right of women to have 'safe sex' when she wants and the right to decide on when she want to get pregnant with a child and the right to go forward with a legal abortion.

The day mostly deals with the reproductive health because pregnancy related health issues and death in women are far more in number than we imagine. The death and complication of pregnancy is more in the underdeveloped and the developing countries and it is estimated that every year about 600,000 women around the world are killed due to these issues.

The day also calls for the women to have a right to protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS by practicing safe sex. It is believed that a large percentage of women does not have their say in sex and are not able to express their desire for a protected sex, the day also raises voice against this issue as the safer sex practice can reduce the AIDS cases significantly. ‘One of the most powerful HIV vaccines today is women’s empowerment ... it is the key to reversing the epidemic.’---UNIFEM.