Inner Dream Numbers


People of this number dream to be a great leader and take charge of events happening around them. They love to be recognized for the valor and ideas they have. They believe in triumphing over; however this projects them as an aggressive person.


These people believe in maintaining a long and balanced relationship with people associated in their personal and professional front. They are a peace-maker. These people have an easy-going nature that attracts many towards them for friendship.


Number 3 people possess an inner dream of being artistic in nature. They love to enjoy their life. Their extrovert nature aids them express with ease, thus making them popular among many.


Number 4 people have an inner dream of turning into a well organized and dependable person. They desire to stick to your goal.


People of this number have an inner dream of living a responsibility-free life. They are adventurous and love to tread anywhere. They wish to achieve all of their inner dreams.


People of this number aim to achieve the most perfect family in the universe. They crave to be blessed with a caring partner, a loving child and etc. In simple words, they aim to have a perfect marital life.


The inner dream of Number 7 people is to grasp as much academic knowledge as possible. These people are reluctant to accept any dislikes that come their way. They dream to become a teacher or mystic reader who are always in search of knowledge.


These people aim to become a good business tycoon. Being materialistically fulfilled is their goal of life. They always desire to attain leadership in and around their society.


Number 9 people have an inner dream of being philanthropist to work for social welfare. They love helping the poor and needy and feel blessed to earn their trust.


People of this number dream of turning optimistic towards life. They are aware of the things that exist beyond what their eyes can see and heart can believe. They love to contribute to spiritual guidance.


People of this number have an inner dream to become an icon in life. They dream to undertake projects that are for the welfare of common man. Their high aims and expectations with life are always noticed by people associated with them.