Rutin Nutritional Supplement

Rutin Supplement

Rutin is a bioflavonoid found in certain fruits and vegetables, mainly in citrus fruit and its rind, mostly grapefruit, lime, oranges and lemon. Rutin is also found in black tea, berries, buckwheat and more. It has been found to be an effective blood thinning factor and is in haemorrhoids and other conditions.

Benefits of Rutin Supplement

  1. Rutin supplements are found to be effective in treating haemorrhoid due to the blood thinning property it has.

  2. Rutin has also been found to be effective in treating varicose vein, and blood circulation problems.

  3. Rutin supplement has anti inflammatory action so is effective in reducing inflammation.

  4. The supplement also has anti oxidant property helping you to keep a healthy body and fighting against atherosclerosis, and other age related diseases and at the same time, slows down ageing.

  5. Rutin Supplement is also found to reduce the blood pressure in the eye.

  6. It is also found to work as an anticancer agent.

  7. It also increases the absorption of vitamin into the body, helping you to remain healthy and fit.

Who can benefit from taking Rutin Supplement

People suffering from haemorrhoid can benefit from taking rutin supplement and in the same way it is advisable for people suffering from varicose vein or blood circulation problems.

Rutin Supplement Side Effects

Rutin supplement is not advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers unless taken in accordance with doctor’s prescription. Rutin intake is very rarely associated with dizziness, hair loss and head ache. Taking the supplement can also cause numbness or stiffness in the limbs. Though these symptoms are associated with rutin supplement intake, the side effects are only very rarely seen and mostly, the dizziness and head ache is seen in only people already suffering from heart diseases or having some blood condition.

Rutin Supplement Dosage

Dosage of 200 to 500mg rutin is believed to be the most effective and the rutin supplement tablet usually comes in 500mg measure. Though 500 mg is the prescribed dosage, taking two tablets a day is found to cause no problem and is found to be safe.