Incisional Hernia Precautions

Incisional Hernia Precautions

If you are affected with Incisional hernia, you should have some precautions before and after the surgery. These precautions will help you during the surgery in a faster and safer mode. Let us look at those points and learn how to take the precautions in an effective manner.

Precautions After and Before Incisional Hernia Surgery

The precautions before surgery are as follows

  • Smoking should be stopped as it can ease the surgery.

  • The weight must be reduced so that there won’t be any obesity issues with surgical procedures.

  • Drugs like aspirin must be stopped.

  • Urine and blood tests must be done and analyzed properly.

  • It is good to stop any kind of usage of alcohol.

The precautions after surgery are as follows

  • Monitor body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and heart function.

  • Post operative pain should be treated with anti inflammatory drugs.

  • Wound must be kept very clean and tidy.

  • Sutures must be carefully handled.

  • Don’t lift heavy weights after surgery.

  • It is better to limit movements to non strenuous ones.

These precautions must be carefully followed to have desired results. It is seen that patients avoiding these warning signs are affected with unpredictable issues with the surgery. The infections are a dangerous possibility in any kind of surgery and the care should be ultimate to resist those.

Incisional Hernia Surgery Recovery

Recovery after the Incisional hernia surgery is very fast. Good results are expected out of laparoscopic methods. Patients can go back home after one or two days of surgery. This is a good side of this kind of surgery. Chance for recurrence is larger with the conventional method of surgery. Laparoscopic method is better because of lesser number of sutures. When a larger mesh is used, the chance for infections is larger. Laparoscopy with mesh produces good results as the research has shown that the probability of recurrence is as low as 3%.The complications associated with it is also very less. Thus the overall result of the Incisional hernia surgery is expected to be really good.

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