In Vitro Fertilization Precautions

Precautions After and Before In Vitro Fertilization

There should be enough precautions taken before the in vitro fertilization process. As the treatment can be really expensive, the patient should be able to face it financially at first. There are also a lot of risks associated with the in vitro fertilization treatment like multiple pregnancy which should be treated with a cool head. There will be high mental stress, particularly on the part of woman before the in vitro fertilization. This stress must also be treated in a very easy way. Otherwise, it will affect the whole body and the process of IVF can be complicated.

The sperm quality of the male should be checked properly and the menstrual cycles of woman is also analyzed. These should be proper for an effective IVF process. The history of the patient is very much important in IVF. So patient should care about his weight, not to be overweight and not to drink alcohol. The smoking is also injurious and it should be completely stopped.

After the surgery also, there should be enough precautions taken. The woman should take complete rest after the surgery of in vitro fertilization. But if there is no risk of OHSS, she can be active from the next day onwards.

  • She should take daily dose of medicines particularly for hormone progesterone from 8 to 10 weeks

  • After 2 weeks, the pregnancy can be tested. Don’t lift heavy weights during this period

  • If a fever or pelvic pain happens call doctor immediately

  • If you find blood in the urine, consult your doctor soon

Recovery After In vitro fertilization

As In vitro fertilization is done to achieve pregnancy, the result or output of the surgery also should be pregnancy. So in most of the cases recovery means the same. After the IVF surgery, most people can go home within one or two days if there are not many complications. But they should avoid all kinds of physical activities at home till their pregnancy is confirmed. After the pregnancy is confirmed they have to stick on to the precautions taken by a pregnant woman.

There are different statistics available about the recovery after the In vitro fertilization surgery.

All pregnancies may not result in a live birth. But approximately 45% of women under 35 give birth to a healthy child. But the probability reduces to 15% if the woman is above 41 years of age.