In Vitro Fertilization Advantages and Disadvantages

In Vitro Fertilization Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some certain advantages for in vitro fertilization. The technique itself is a big advantage to the modern society when many couples are facing issues with infertility. It also has some disadvantages. Let us look deep into it.

Advantages of In Vitro Fertilization

The advantages of IVF can be the following. These advantages make people to utilize this technique as this can be the only option to be pregnant.

  • Problems in trying to conceive will be solved through this

  • Safe and easy method

  • Women with damaged fallopian tubes also can have babies.

  • No long term side effects will be there

Disadvantages of In Vitro Fertilization

  • Increased risk of miscarriage in multiple pregnancy

  • Premature birth

  • Expensive treatment

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Drug treatment effects

  • Mental strain

All the above issues are related to the in vitro fertilization method. These can happen or may not happen in case of IVF treatments. Anyway, the person attempting IVF should know about these disadvantages and should be ready to face these too although it happens less frequently.

Side Effects of In Vitro Fertilization

Some patients may feel some complications and side effects because of the IVF. A failure in the procedure of collecting eggs, ectopic pregnancy or multiple pregnancies can be a risk in IVF.A failure in the treatment can also happen occasionally. The following may be the side effects of in vitro fertilization method.

  • Ovarian stimulation medications may lead to ovarian cancer

  • Local reactions such as tenderness while using medicines

  • Internal organs such as bowel may get damaged during the process

  • Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome is another complication

  • Ovary swelling and vomiting tendency may be there in less than 2% of patients

Although most of the points discuss about the disadvantages and side effects of in vitro fertilization, in most of the cases, this happens to be the ultimate method to treat infertility. When almost all other methods fail, IVF is opted by most of the couples. The most modern technique like injecting sperms to eggs is used when there is an issue with the male partner which is most common these days. So if you have any problems of these kinds, never lose hope. In vitro fertilization can be opted although it is a bit expensive. In 95% of cases it produces good results in pregnancy.