Idli Recipe

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Light meals & snacks
Preparation Time:
Indian Cuisine
Grinder, A deep vessel, Idli holder (special utensil that is used to steam the idli), Spoons
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Idli Ingredients

  • 2 cup- Rice
  • 1 cup- Urad daal (white)
  • 1 ½ tbsp- Salt
  • Oil (for greasing)
  • A pinch of baking soda

Preparation Method for Idli Recipe

Wash the daal and soak it for 8 hours overnight. Now wash the rice and drain the water. In a grinder, grind the rice coarsely and keep it aside. After 8 hours, grind the daal into a fine frothy paste. After this, mix the ground rice and daal batter together.

Mix some salt in the above batter and set it aside for 7 hours overnight in a warm place. Allow it get fermented. In the mean time, grease the idli holder with oil and fill each pan with the batter. Do remember to put only ¾ because when it is steamed, it puffs up. Steam it for 10 minutes on low flame. Once ready remove it with a butter knife

Your idli is ready. Serve it with hot sambar and chutney. Cooking idli is very easy but the only thing that is time consuming is the fermentation. Since hardly any oil and spices are used, it makes it an ideal south Indian delicacy.