Hysterectomy Precautions

Hysterectomy Precautions

As hysterectomy has become a very common practice it would be worth knowing about the precautions before and after the surgery. The recovery and its duration will also be worth knowing in this aspect.

Precautions Before Hysterectomy

The unnecessary surgeries in the US and other countries have raised questions about the need for hysterectomy. So certain precautions and care must be taken before opting for a uterus removal. The United States has the highest rate of hysterectomies and has been notorious to many unnecessary cases. The hysterectomies among younger women have been increased in the recent years which show a dangerous sign to the younger generation.

The following things should be taken care before opting for a hysterectomy.

  • Think whether the disease to be treated with medications or not.

  • Look out for any kind of treatment other than surgery is available.

  • Don’t go for hysterectomy if you have strong lung diseases.

  • Don’t smoke much! Heavy smokers will have greater surgical risks.

  • Be aware obesity makes the risk greater while doing surgeries.

  • Use of drugs and steroids must be avoided.

Precautions After Hysterectomy

After your surgery also, there are some things that you should take care of. These things will better the chances of cure in a faster way.

  • Be confident and try to control your emotions.

  • Keep the wound dry without infections.

  • Keep the body clean and tidy to avoid bacterial or viral attacks.

  • Take rest for some days, preferable in the hospital itself.

  • Don’t lift weights for a period of at least 6 months.

  • Return to normal activities in three to nine weeks time.

  • Never try tough and heavy physical activities during the period of 1 year.

  • Start taking hormone replacement therapy if needed.

Recovery From Hysterectomy

In most of the cases, hysterectomy improves a women’s quality of life. She can get rid of the worries and it may make her more independent. Most of the women, i.e. around 71% after hysterectomy feel better which was found in a study conducted by Maine. Some women have improved on their sexual desire too! The recovery will happen in 3 to 9 weeks time where one can come back to her normal life. Except some heavy physical activities, the patients can do almost everything they want as they did it before.