How to Trim Your Hair

It is always advisable to trim your split ends to save time and money on haircuts and enable the hair to grow faster. Growing long hair is time consuming. If you're out to grow your hair long, avoid the salon trips and cut your own split ends at home. It's easier than you can imagine, and you'll save money too. Here's how.

Facilitate Sharp Scissors

Don't think of using the same scissors which is used to cut paper or other household things. Visit a cosmetic store and purchase a hair cutting scissors. They are small and sharp, but that is what works for the hairdo.

Be Persistent

Don't think that the hair trimming should be every two-month affair. By then it will be too late. You should curb the small split ends before they spread all over, the lower two inches you're trying to retain. Make it your new hobby.

Make the Cut

Analyze your hair ends by pulling hair in the front or looking in a mirror. Use the small sharp scissors and snip off just the tiny ends you can see that are split in two parts. Once you get accustomed with looking at your ends, you would be able to find the split ones. The first time will take a little longer than the successive attempts.

Get Regular Shaping

Keep in mind that you're cutting your split ends for fast and healthy growth, but ultimately, you're going to require a professional stylist to keep things in shape. So keep the growth going and occasionally, maybe twice a year, go to salon to have things shaped up. Just ensure that your stylist knows that you’re growing your hair and don't prefer more than an inch cut off.

If you prefer a simple blunt cut, you may not even require the saloon service visits. How long you would like to grow your hair and the split ends at bay it is entirely your own choice.

Don't allow anyone to tell you what style you should wear. Lots of stylists will be happy to assist you grow your hair long, but there are many whose skills and knowledge are restricted enough to make them shorten your hair just because it's the best cut they are aware of. Stand up for yourself and flaunt your long locks!