How To Use Protein Powder For Weight Gain

Protein powders are often suggested by the people, even by the doctors (some of the times), when they feel that you are under weight or weak. But before opting them, you must know several things about protein powders.

What are protein powders?

Protein powder contains whole some of proteins. These powders are usually made of whey, soy, egg, hemp, casein etc. The powders contain amino acids that are essential for the healthy growth.

How To Use Protein Powder For Weight Gain

What is the difference between protein powders, protein shakes and weight gain powders available in the market?

Most of us often get confuse with protein powders and weight gain powders. Most of the weight gain powders available in the market contain sugars besides protein. Thus, they do more harm than the benefit they do. The weight gained through them can be gained with the bottle full of sugar which is rather economical. Protein shakes contain liquids like water or milk, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Protein powders, as mentioned above, contain only proteins.

Will protein powder improve the weight?

Proteins help in building the muscles. According to the experts, human body needs 10 to 14 grams of additional proteins per day to build the muscles. Protein powders provide the needed proteins which help you to build muscles and gain gradual weight.

Who need protein powder?

  • Most of the teenagers need the support of protein powder as the growing body needs more proteins
  • When you are starting work outs or expanding your physical works, you may need the support of protein powder to balance the necessity of the body
  • If you are sick or if you are getting recovered from any major injury, you need high level of proteins
  • Vegans, who don’t include even the diary products in the diet, need the support of protein powders as they fall back in receiving the needed proteins.

How do we know the quantity of protein powder to be taken for proper weight gain?

The general intake of protein powder must be between 0.25 to 0.45 grams per kilo of your weight.  Thus multiply your weight with 0.25 (minimum intake) and that is the required amount of your body. The insufficient intakes of proteins leave you tired and weak after simple work outs. Experts also mentioned that too much intake of proteins can harm your liver and kidneys.

When to take the protein powder?

Many believe that before and after the work outs, the protein powder must be taken. But what you need at that time is carbohydrates than proteins. Experts believe that the gap between intake of proteins and work outs would result better for the healthy growth.

How to select the right protein powder?

To understand the quality of the powder, you must refer the label of the pack of the powder. The number of grams the powder is providing per scoop must be multiplied by four. The result is the calories the powder would provide. If the result is lesser than 110, the power is suggestible. Powders with number of ingredients more than 4 or ingredients named Metamyacin must be avoided.

What kind of protein powder is good for me?

The choice of the protein powder depends on your taste. If you are a vegan, soy is the best option for you. If you have not such limitations or if you not comfortable with the taste of soy, you have number of options in your hand like whey and hemp.