How To Use Castor Oil To Remove Moles

How To Use Castor Oil To Remove Moles

Moles are a type of skin lesions that can be either sub-dermal (under the skin) or a pigmented growth on the skin. These moles can grow anywhere in the body and may require clinical inspection and intervention to tackle any potential threat such as melanoma, a serious skin cancer. Most people have between 30-40 moles. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a vast majority of moles are benign and do not pose any threat. However, if you feel any kind of discomfort or embarrassment because of your moles, you can remove them in a natural and safe way. This article offers you tips on how to use castor oil to remove moles without any side effects.

How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally

You can remove moles clinically using medicines or through a surgery. Castor oil is one of the natural ways to get rid of the moles. It is an ideal cure especially if you want to avoid surgery. Known for its medicinal properties sans side effects, castor oil is widely used for treating several skin disorders. However, people with hypersensitive skin should consult their doctor before using castor oil as it may cause skin irritation or itchiness.

In order to remove moles, you need to use castor oil with baking soda. Together, they create a potent mixture that kills moles when used over a prolonged period of time. You would also need lots of adhesive bandages as part of the treatment.

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Effective Home Remedy For Mole Removal

The following steps describe how to remove moles using castor oil:

1. Mix 3-4 drops of castor oil with baking soda to make a sticky paste.

2. Gently scratch the surface of the mole to remove any dead skin layer.

3. Dab a bit of the paste onto the mole and cover it completely.

4. Put an adhesive bandage over the top of the mole to keep the paste intact. If required, change the bandage frequently.

5. It is ideal to apply the paste every night before going to bed. Remove the bandage and wash off the paste in the morning.

6. Regular use of the paste will disintegrate the mole completely leaving behind a red patch.

7. Continue applying the paste onto the red patch for another 5-8 days. This will ensure the demise of the roots preventing the chances of the mole growing back.

8. Slowly, the scar will fade off. In order to facilitate quicker healing, you may try some clinically approved products that allow post-surgery scars to heal faster.

Does Castor Oil Remove Moles?

This treatment of mole removal using castor oil may take 1-4 months of time. The duration of complete healing usually varies from person to person and also depends on the size of the mole. Although time consuming, the process is regarded as one of the effective and natural ways to get rid of moles.

It is always advisable to ensure thorough evaluation of the moles and understand the pros and cons of different treatments available for removing moles. Always consult your doctor before deciding on a method for mole removal and understand the associated side effects.

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