How to Relieve Back Pain Through Reflexology

Back pain is a very common problem faced by all of us and can be handled with the help of reflexology therapy in a better manner. It is very difficult to identify the basic root cause of any such pain and it can have multiple reasons ranging from injuries to fatigue. Reflexology is extremely beneficial in each kind of back pain as well as home remedies. There are certain simple step exercises which can help are underlined here:

1.   Hold the spinal area with the help of both the hands and try using the palms of the hands. Fingers should be on the top of the foot and thumbs must focus on the bottom of the foot. Now gently twist the hand away from each other and try to turn the spinal area on the foot base. It lowers the pain and relaxes the body. The process should be followed for both the hands.

2.   Thumb walk is the useful technique in back pain. Here one needs to walk with the help of the toe because spinal runs from both sides of the feet and by doing so one can nourish the cells to reduce the back pain in a simple way. One can start from the left leg and then move to the right one.

3.   Use of water is very crucial in the reflexology techniques. One must take proper water on specific intervals to avoid fatigue and suffocation.

4.   Sit at a stretch position and hold the feet. Allow the right feet in to the hands and try put pressure on the area by the thumb. Repeat the same for the left side also. Keep breathing in the entire process for the better results.

5.   Take the acupressure points and do the sitting and standing positions by pressing them. It increases the blood circulation and helps in the quick removal of the back pain as the spinal gets relief.

6.   Spot the spine reflex points that are connected through the hands and keep pressing them to see the effect. Once the right vein is achieved try focus on that for the quick relax in the back pain. These points are directly connected to the spinal area.

Reflexology focuses on the basic reflex points and it has shown very effective impact on the patients of back pain. Various twisting and turning position from all parts of the body keeps the entire system in the right track.