How To Overcome Shortage Of Organs For Transplantation

Organ shortage remains a major problem all over the world because of the imbalance between the availability of the organs for transplantation and the increasing demand. Even though it is difficult to eliminate the organ crisis, some of the alternative methods and procedures provides practical and effective solutions for this problem.

Methods to overcome the organs shortage:

  • Educate people about the need and benefits of organ donation.
  • Encourage hospitals to create awareness among public for spreading the importance of organ donation.
  • Implement the concept of “presumed consent” in which all patients are presumed as organ donors unless they explicitly state otherwise.
  • Provide incentives in the form of financial support to the families of diseased donors and also to the living donors.

Researchers are also working on the new medical alternatives such as tissue engineering, artificial organs and xenotransplantation to solve the problem of donor organ supply.