How To Massage Your Baby?

Massaging the babies will make them grow physically and emotionally healthy. It helps in developing muscles, boosts immune system and reduces stress of babies.  Do not massage the baby before or after feeding or when she needs a nap.

Here are certain techniques to massage baby who aren’t crawling.

1. Set-up

Take a towel, small bowl for massage oil which is right for your baby. If your baby starts crying while you’re doing massage pause for a while and give cuddle, this will make the baby comfortable.

2. Start with massaging legs

Legs are the best place to begin massage because it is the less sensitive part of the baby’s body than the other parts.  Rub oil on the thigh of the baby or on your palm, wrap your hand around the thigh and pull downwards one hand after the other. Squeeze soothingly and repeat the same with other leg.

3. Gently massage the feet

Rotate one foot gently few times in each direction. Stroke the top of the foot from the ankle towards toes. Repeat the same with other feet.

How To Massage Your kid

4. Trace the thumb on the soles

With the help of thumb trace circles on the bottom of baby’s foot. Switch to the other feet and repeat the same.

5. Gently pull the toes

Hold the toe and pull gently with your thumb and index or forefinger. Pull until your fingers slip off, continue the same for all the ten toes.

6. Milking massage for arms

By holding to arms try milking massage right from armpit to wrist. Next rotate the wrist gently couple of times in each direction, continue the same with other arm.

7. Trace circles on palm

With the help of thumb trace tiny circles on baby’s palm. Switch to the other palm and repeat the same.

8. Gently pull the fingers

Hold the palm and pull one finger gently with your thumb and index or forefinger. Pull until your fingers slip off, continue the same for all the ten fingers.

9. Massage the chest

Place both the hands on baby’s heart, lightly flatten your palms by stroking outward your hands. Next, by placing one hand on the chest, gently stroke the other hand downwards to his thighs, massage the chest by alternating the hands. Repeat this motion several times.

10. Trace circles on back

Put your baby on her tummy lying horizontally in front of you. From the neck towards buttocks trace tiny circle on both side of her spine with your fingertips. Now, its time for long and firm strokes. Finally finish massage by giving long strokes right from shoulder to feet. Once done, put on diaper.