How Long Does A Human Body Requires To Do Exercise?

The type and duration of exercises required for each body are different. Depending on the built of the body people need different types of exercises. Generally it is Genetics which determine which type of body one inherits but it can easily be molded into one’s choice by following a proper diet and doing the right exercise.

The human body type can be classified under three main distinct categories:

Ectomorph : Ectomorphs are those who have a ‘skinny’ built. They have a small built with small shoulders and flat chests. They are characterized by long limbs, thin build, stringy muscle bellies, small joints in wrists and ankles and narrows hips and clavicles. This body type needs very high rep work and they need to do reps with more intensities than other two body types. 3 to 4 workouts per week is the average for an ectomorph and they should not take for more than 5 minutes between two reps. These body types need a rich diet.

Endomorph : Endomorphs are generally found to be short and fatty. They have a slow metabolism rate and they have a hard time shedding their fats. These type of body also gains weight relatively fast. The Endomorphs are characterized by thick rib cage, thicker joints, hips wider than clavicles and shorter limbs. Compound movements are the basics for an endomorphs training and Circuit training being the ideal. Rest between two circuits should not be more than 2 minutes. A low carbohydrates and low fat diet is ideal for an endomorph.

Mesomorph : Mesomorphs are those who have an ‘athletic’ built. They have lots of muscles with broad shoulders. Though they may be relatively lean they gain muscle easily. The mesomorphs are characterized by Wide clavicle, thinner joints, long and round muscle bellies and narrow waist. The training of mesomorphs should be based on compound movements. The workouts should be divided among the different body parts for each day. High intensity, low intensity, high volume , low volume, explosive reps, tempo sets should all be done with long and short intervals of rest.