How Effective Organ Transplantation According To Whom?

How effective is organ transplantation according to whom?


Organ transplantation means transplanting an organ from one person to another with the sole purpose of replacing a damaged organ. Organ transplants have been going on since the early 1900s. In the beginning organ transplantation was not very effective. The life of the patient after organ transplantation was not guaranteed.


Even if the operation was successful, the patient would not live much longer. Today, depending on various factors such as health, age of the patient and the organ which is being transplanted, organ transplantation is quite effective. Dr S Klein, Director to the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center says that today organ transplantation is more successful than ever. The main setback he says is the shortage of donors.


Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub quantifies the effectiveness of organ transplantation:


94% donated kidneys in live patients and 88% taken from those who died are functioning well. Similarly, 86% of donated livers in live persons and 84% of livers taken from people who died are functioning well.