How Does Organ Transplantation Work

Transplantation of livers and kidneys can be done with living donors. Livers regenerate and kidneys come in pairs. In most cases, donors are family members or friends with a match. Some people even donate their liver or kidney as a charity. If a willing and matching donor is found, then the next step is surgery.

For a heart, double lung, pancreas and cornea, the donor can only be a deceased person. Generally, people who have been declared brain dead are accepted as donors, provided they are not on artificial life aid.

To get an organ, the person must first have a transplant team, which will perform the surgery. The team will evaluate the patient and approve him or her for organ reception. The next step is for the patient to get on a nation wide waiting list. When a required organ is obtainable, the organization reaches out to the first recipient in the waiting list. Upon approval by the transplant team, the patient is notified, the preparations are made and surgery is done.