Disadvantages of Homocysteine Health Supplement

“Homocysteine” is one of the amino acid's that is formed in ones body from another amino acid called “Methionine”. Methionine on the other hand, is derived from the various protein enriched food matters that one consumes such as eggs, fish etc. The importance of Homocysteine in ones body is such that the amount of it in ones blood acts as an indicator to show how healthy that person is and how long they are going to live. It is detected that high levels of Homocysteine causes cardiovascular disease whereas lowering Homocysteine levels may not improve outcomes though.

Benefits of Homocysteine Health Supplement

Few scientists believe that with the right amount of “Methylation” (which can be formed with the help of Homocysteine) expression of harmful genes can be prevented, such as cancer genes etc. The rate of Methylate in ones body tends to deteriorate with age and hence it can be helpful for ones health by obtaining it by the supplements. Homocysteine is considered helpful to reduce vascular diseases but needs to be taken in the right proportion to avoid any side effects. Homocysteine helps during blood test to show how healthy a person is and helps in predicting a round about figure of that individuals life span too.

Side effects of Homocysteine Health Supplement

There are said to be numerous heart related diseases that occur due to high level of Homocysteine. Even area such as aging and oxidation is affected due to high level of Homocysteine in the blood. In certain cases, it is noticed that the arteries tend to get affected too. Weakening of the Immune System and regular pains at the joints are some of the other side effects that have been found. Apart from these side effects, even blood cloths seem to be formed in people who have high levels of Homocysteine present in there blood. Homocysteine has said to even lead to hearing loss in few cases.

Recommended Homocysteine Dosages

The dosages vary in terms of an individual since certain people have high Homocysteine level while others have a low Homocysteine level. Hence the need to consult a doctor is a must before taking any kind of Homocysteine prescription as it can lead to dangerous side effects if not treated properly.