Mumps Home Remedies

Mumps Home Remedies

Mumps is a viral disease which is spread in only human beings. The virus itself is called as Mumps virus. It  was a very common childhood disease before vaccination was invented. Virus is more like viral infection which causes swelling in the glands. It mostly occurs in salivary glands which are also known as Parotid gland. In rare cases it may affect testicular swelling and rashes. There are many factors which cause mumps. As it is a contagious disease, it spreads from person to person from respiratory secretion or saliva. Therefore, it is important to take precautionary measures when you are going close to a person suffering from mumps.

Mumps Symptoms 

As mentioned before, when a person is affected by the mumps virus, there is swelling observed in the salivary glands. If there are no such physical signs then there is a chance that it has affected other glands. There is no testing needed to diagnose this virus. Some simple clinical procedures are sufficient to identify the virus. If still there persists uncertainty then there is a necessity of the person to give samples of saliva and blood for tests. Approximately 30% of the cases are asymptomatic.

Mumps Home Remedies

Mumps can be controlled or in mild cases completely treated by using some effective home remedies. There are many home remedies which have been clinically effective in curing mumps. Here are some of the most effective remedies for curing mumps.

  • Chebulic myroblan herb should be soaked in water and then it should be rubbed on the swelling. You can also make paste out of the herb and water and apply it on the swelling. This is one of the most recommended home remedy.
  • Mix peepal leaves and butter and warm them. Smear the peepal leaves and mix butter with it and heat them for a little while on fire. Use them as an ointment and bandage them on the swelling. This will reduce the viral effect. This is also one of the most used home remedy.
  • Indian aloe along with turmeric powder and Indian barbery are also an effective remedy to cure mumps. Peel one side of the Indian aloe and then sprinkle some turmeric powder over the peeled side and also use Indian barbery. Now bandage the peeled side over the swelling. This will reduce the swelling in a drastic way. It has a very fast effect in curing mumps.
  • Make a paste with dry ginger and water by grinding both of them. Simply apply the paste over the swelling and you will see the change in a few days. This is one of the simplest home remedies which one can make any time at home.
  •  Another precautionary measure which one can take is to avoid acidic food. It is advisable to serve vegetable soup and lots of water to the patient. Fruits which have citrus acid are supposed to be avoided.
  •  Liquid food which is made of rice soup or rice water along with a little ghee for taste can be advised. This can be accompanied with some mango pickle. This will help the patient regenerate his immune system and fight the virus.