Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is the pain that usually occurs in the teeth, accompanied by redness, swelling and pain. A toothache can occur due to tooth decay, tooth cavity, inflammation in the gums or the jaw area. Sometimes a sinusitis can be present as a toothache. Home remedies for toothache is very useful because toothaches are a common problem that cause pain without warning.

Whatever is the cause of a toothache, an effective pain relief elements do exist in some garden or kitchen by stocking a few herbs and oils! Here are some home remedies for toothache:

Cloves: have been known to man since ancient times as effective pain relievers in toothache. The active ingredient in cloves is eugenol. It is an antibacterial and a pain killer. Put a few drops of clove oil on a small cotton ball and place this cotton ball on the affected tooth. Leave it for a long while.

Rock salt: A mixture of rock salt with garlic paste, when applied on the affected area reduces swelling and soothes the pain.

Mint leaves: Dried mint leaves stacked into a small pile and placed around the affected area for 15 minutes helps reduce infection and pain. Gargling a warm infusion of mint leaves with salt added to it, is also an effective remedy.

Oregano: The oil of this herb, used often in cooking, has potent antibacterial properties. Application of oregano oil is known to reduce swelling and pain substantially.

Asafetida: is a common ingredient in the kitchen, used for seasoning food preparations. Make a paste of half a teaspoon asafetida using lime juice. Warm this paste and apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball.  

Ice: This is indeed the icing on the home remedies for toothache. An ice pack, placed on the affected area helps suppress acute pain by numbing the nerve endings. Alternately, a chilled slice of cucumber can also be placed on the affected area for similar results.

Oats: act as a tissue paper by sucking out the pus in the infected area, thus reducing swelling and pain. Just hold a small stack of oats on the affected area for quick action.

Do not forget to try out these straight out-of-the-kitchen home remedies for toothache if you should ever develop one, before you visit the dentist.