Home Pregnancy Exercises

We all are well acquainted that exercise is one of the necessary aspect to get a healthy body and healthy mind along with this the same goes for pregnancy.

Home pregnancy exercises for pregnancy is also an important aspect for your body to bear the extra pregnancy weight, ward off postural troubles like pregnancy back pain and organize your pregnancy weight gain. Obviously, you only wish to get "good pregnancy fat", i.e. the weight requisite to support your pregnancy and not extra fat that will affect your body and the development of your unborn baby.

Not all exercise during pregnancy is recommended. In fact, if you are not aware of the right home pregnancy exercises you can make some very unhealthy mistakes.

Home Pregnancy Exercises Tips

So here are the 7 most important tips you must acknowledge and keep track of before beginning any home pregnancy exercise program:

1. Warm Up First!

The warm-up exercise is an imperative part of any home pregnancy exercise program. Your warm-up will enhance your heart-rate and circulation supplying essential oxygen to the muscles that you're going to be working on. It also indicates your body that more vigorous activity is coming and inhibits injury by releasing muscle stress.

Your warm-up should be appropriate to increase your heart rate a little and begin to allow you to sweat, but gentle enough to allow you to breathe without any difficulty.

2. Intake of Ample Quantity of Fluid!

Imaging you just reached the park and you unpacked your bag and found out that you've left your bottle of water at home. But you're all ready to go and you don't have time to go back and get yet another bottle so you think you will do without the water fountain or you'll have some water on the way home. Don’t, ever do so.

Your pregnant body is already more vulnerable to overheating and dehydration as it is and exercising without water can be very fatal for both you and your baby. Just 2% dehydration can do serious harm to your body's ability to function.

3. No Home Pregnancy Exercises in Hot or Humid Conditions

Overheating in pregnancy is not recommended for you or your baby. Hot or humid conditions will cut down your ability to workout correctly and make you feel dizzy, nauseous and weak. But there are more severe implications for your baby – specifically in the first trimester. Temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius or above could cause severe troubles for your growing baby and may result in some birth defects.

So, to ensure your safety, don’t ever do home pregnancy exercises outside during the hottest time of the day (10-3pm) and attempt to work out in an air-conditioned environment.

4. No Abdominal Work at Home Pregnancy Exercises!

Traditional home pregnancy abdominal exercises use the "six-pack" muscles that will immediately affect your belly. In pregnancy these muscles gets stretchy to enable your abdomen belly to grow with your baby, and gets more prone to "abdominal splitting".

This is where the muscles get divided apart from that midline and separate. This can come back to shape only after birth but it takes a lot of time and effort and it's suggested to avoid the scenario in any ways.

Any traditional abdominal home pregnancy exercises, like crunches, or oblique work out will put extreme pressure on the already deteriorating muscle.

This is not to suggest that you shouldn't be working your external abdominals, but you need to rely on particular home pregnancy core exercises rather than crunches.

5. Never Avoid Your Back!

Your back is the backbone which is going to take a lot of weight and stress as your body shape changes with your growing pregnancy. One area that women generally avoid is the mid-back area. Training this area encourages maintaining good posture and will stretch your shoulders back and push your chest up and bear the extra weight in your breasts.

Try these home pregnancy exercises like rows, reverse fly and scapula squeezes to consolidate and tone these area.

6. Don't Overdo It

Exercise with care and remember you should never do any home pregnancy exercise so hard that you strive to catch your breath. At the peak of your home pregnancy exercise workout you should feel that you are exercising "somewhat strenuous" and you should always be able to hold a conversation.

7. Avoid Jerky Activities

Now that you are pregnant your body is generating a lot of hormones which ease the ligaments in your joints, making them unstable and much more vulnerable to injury.

Games like Squash which need sudden changes in direction at great speed can simply result in a badly sprained ankle or jerked knee.

Not to say that as you put on weight your centre of gravity shift, influencing your bodily balance and inviting sudden falls.


It is always recommended to seek professional assistance once you have found out that you are in the family way. Home pregnancy exercise is a very specialized area and you want to be particular that you are receiving the best care possible to make sure a healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby.