Home Maintenance

What is Home Maintenance?

Home is the place which gives shelter to stay take rest after the long-day work. It is the place of our living at the particular address which can be recognizable to friends, relatives and others. So it is highly important to maintain the house in a perfect condition. Being a home there will be repairs all the time so it is the better idea to clean house on regular basis. Maintenance of home should be at regular intervals so that any repairs, adjustments or cleaning can be checked before it gives rise to any big problem in emergency times.

Maintenance can be either inspection, adjustments, cleaning of house or else replacements of any equipment in the home. Head of the home should take responsibility of home maintenance or it should be handed it to the women in the home. Even the home maintenance has to be done according to the seasons in a year. Also maintenance will again be interior, exterior and landscaping.

Home Maintenance Activities

Home maintenance activities will be including interior, exterior as well as landscaping in a house.

Interior Home Maintenance Activities

Home maintenance activities in the interior will include following:

  • Check and ensuring the working condition of appliances as well as items in living, bed rooms.
  • Cleaning of taps, water sinks, cabinets, exhaust fans, kitchen appliances is highly important in the kitchen room.
  • In the study room, it is needed to check the proper working condition of lamps, study tables are to be cleaned to avoid pests or insects, book shelves are to be cleaned and dusted regularly.
  • In all rooms of the house floors, doors, windows, wooden cabinets, fans, lights, switch boards, AC are needed to cleaned and dusted at least once in a week to avoid dust in home.
  • Gas system has to be checked to ensure it is in proper working condition.
  • Water pipes and taps are to be cleaned to prevent rusting of them.
  • It is needed to check that house is insulated properly without any blocking at roof spaces as well as ventilation.
  • Electrical appliances wires, cords and switches are to be checked whether they are in good condition.

Exterior Home Maintenance Activities

It is also important to pay special attention in maintaining exteriors of a house. Some of them include the following:

  • Walls of the home are to be checked continuously to prevent any cracks on them also they should be free from the debris.
  • Climbing plants that are grown on the windows and doors of the house are to be watered and maintained well.
  • Gutters are to be cleaned regularly and properly.
  • If there are any chimneys fitted in the house they need to be cleaned to remove dust particles and if there are any debris.
  • Roofs as well as steps are to be checked properly if there presents any slipping of tiles.
  • If required white wash of the house has to be done once in a year.

Seasonal Checklist of Home Maintenance                        

Seasonal home maintenance is required though not for all the things in house, but only for some items it is important. It is the better idea to check thoroughly exterior and interiors of home it before starting with work.

Home maintenance checklist in Fall season

Fall is the best season to maintain yard by removing leaves and cleaning house with more time being spent in indoor in cooler temperatures.

Indoor Checklist

  • As we know that windows and doors become tight in this season so it is required to oil them.
  • Remove dried leaves at the same time freshen the lawn.
  • Clean and check the fireplace.

Outdoor Checklist

  • It is required to install storm windows in this season.
  • If you have snow blower then inspect it and give for repairing if required.
  • Also dust and store outdoor furniture.

Home maintenance checklist in Spring season

It is that season of year, where a house has to be freshened along with the protection from strong winds as well as rains.

Indoor Checklist

  • It is the season to change or clean the filter in air conditioner.
  • Incase if you acquire seasonal bedding then you can wash it and clean.
  • Dusting as well as vacuuming blinds and curtains can be done.

Outdoor Checklist

  • Lawn has to be fertilized in this season.
  • Best idea to install screens on windows and doors to protect house from strong windows.

Home maintenance checklist in Summer season

Summer is the season to keep home cool by maintaining it properly and keeping the yard lush.

Indoor Checklist

  • It is important to clean ventilators along with air condition filters in this season.
  • Also need to clean refrigerators to function properly throughout the season.

Outdoor Checklist

  • It is the best season to trim trees, plants and shrubs that are present in the garden.

All the above tips and checklist for maintaining are in general which gives an idea on what can be done for a clean house. But mostly maintenance of home will depend on the house, its surroundings the appliances and items present. Apart from this it also depends on the way we like to take care of them.

You finally got that home you wanted but the job doesn’t end with buying and decorating the house. Your home will need a lot of maintenance if you are to protect your investment. It’s best to develop your own home maintenance checklist if you want to ensure that you do not miss out on any job. Divide your jobs into weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual. Make sure that you perform these checks regularly.

Common areas around which checks need to be performed are Roof, Attic, Gutters, Fireplace, Filters, Safety equipment, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Faucets, Windows & Doors, Storm windows & Screens, Siding & Paint, Basement, Heating system, and Hot water heater. Perform outdoor checks too.

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