Home Maintenance Tools

If you own your own home you will need to make repairs to your property. As such, you require a few basic power tools on hand which can conduct repairing work and help in improving your home.


First is the drill. This is the most famous power device and at the same time most versatile. With the appropriate attachments a drill can perform several simple and small tasks apart from drilling. Any drill with a reverse gear and good speed is able to act as a strong screwdriver which can push a screw much deeper and tighter than by hand.

If you want to do any work on outer walls then a drill along with a hammer work is a must as it will allow the drill to work on masonry.


If you require doing any woodwork than a powered saw is a good option to have. There are three types of powered saw that can be helpful to be incorporated in the home tool kit.

  • Jigsaw

The first is the Jigsaw the tiniest of the power saws which works great with light materials i.e. MDF or cutting through thin slices of wood. They are albeit great at cutting straight lines and are potent enough to cut curves into the wood and cut along a pattern. The jigsaw should be used on light woods and light substances, they are light weight and the simplest saw to handle.

  • Circular Saw

Circular saws are for heavy duty and can handle thick pieces of wood. They are meant to cut on flat surfaces and it is tough to handle them when cutting at angles. They are basically facilitated for cutting straight precise lines. They can also cut bigger curves. They are meant for working on heavy materials.

  • Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are the most flexible and versatile of the saws. They are capable to cut metals, wood, and other materials depending upon type of blades used. It is difficult to cut straight lines with the reciprocating saw so it is better to use it in combination with another saw while working on larger complex tasks like preparing and cutting down to size items i.e. table tops for counters.


Nailers, also termed as nail guns, are useful but not imperative tool. However, they can perform tasks like making sheds or garden furniture very easily. Some nailers also come with a stapler facility enabling it to work as a powered stapler offering it even more versatility and usefulness.

Angle Grinders

Angle grinders showcase a circular disk which can be facilitated to cut through or grind down metals. Angle grinders are also used to cut and wear metals down to size along with removing rust. The angle grinder should not be purchased till very urgent as it is has pretty limited applications and is seldom required in general DIY.


Multi tools are hand held small tools used for a wide variety of applications i.e. very light precision drilling, light polishing, sanding, and buffing of metals, cutting of light metals as well as knife sharpening and with the appropriate attachments engraving.

Hot Air Guns

Hot air guns are generally facilitated for paint stripping and are primarily used in supporting decorating. They perform light work of all kinds and thickness of paint making its removal least time consuming jobs enabling you to clean the surface faster before applying new paint without the previous coats of paint clubbing with your current paint job.

Steam Wall Paper Strippers

Wall paper strippers are yet another labor saving tool use to decorate allowing the quick and efficient removal of all wall papers in addition to those featuring heavy patterns. Wall paper strippers can be facilitated to deep clean carpets.

What do you Require

The most essential tools are the basic drills, circular saws, and jigsaws along with wall paper strippers. Since decorating generally are based on major DIY projects. These primary tools can be owned at £100-150, if you opt for basic tools.

You can do without the other tools i.e. angle drills, multi-tools, hot air guns, reciprocating saws, and nailers but they make life easier if owned.

Cordless or Corded

One thing you need to decide before you purchase your power tools is whether you want your tools to be cordless or corded. The selection between cordless and corded is practical as well as personal. Cordless tools display less overall operating power than corded counterparts.

With a corded drill you can have unlimited run time and it do not get overheated. While cordless power tools are portable and provide a little tidier working atmosphere with more liberty of movement.
One last thing to consider is that there are differences in the cost such as cordless tools are costlier. Hence cost is a factor to take decision between corded and cordless tools.

Look for the Ideal Deals

When purchasing your tools ensure what you are going to get from the tool that you want to purchase. Check out for any extras schemes or benefits like additional bits and pieces like carry case, extra blades/drill bits/attachments, and extra batteries in the case of cordless tools.

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