Home Maintenance tips

Home Maintenance tips

Having a good home; beautiful to look at and having the best lawn and interiors may be the dream of many of us. Well it is very easy to get any sort of house, big or small, pampered with the best interior design if you are ready to spend in a bit of money for interiors and are able to hire good designers. But how many days or weeks will this stay the same way without becoming messy. Well it's not how you built your home; rather it's how well you maintain your house that counts in the long run. There are a lot of things you should see to to keep your house as new as ever and to make it look just as it is, years from now.

See That You Get Organized

It is not always easy to go searching for every single thing in all the nook and corner of your house as after al you may be wasting a lot of time, energy and patience on it. Organizing your home and the things in it is the most tiring part of all but the most rewarding too. Once your home gets organized with all the things placed in the right place it will look much better and will also look spacious. And organizing your house every other week will help you to reduce the burden when you do the monthly clean up and can save much of your time, and peace of mind.

Throw off What You Don’t Need

Most of us have a tendency of keeping and storing things which we might never need. And a number of the time we keep aside the boxes in which the candies came or the carton which came into the house carrying one thing or the other thinking that we might need it someday. But these things usually dwell in our store rooms or attics for a long, long time and we don’t find time to dispose it off or reasons to use it. Such things which come in the 'might need' category should be cleared off soon so that you don’t have every nook and corner of your house filled with these things which eagerly says' please use me'. But don’t throw off everything as you can use one or two cartons to store in things like your child's toy or the old dress that is going into charity.

Keep the Bills in a Box

Bills and medical papers are some things you are not sure whether you will needed it in future and these are also the ones that gets lost when you badly need them. So take care you save all your bills and papers in a special drawer or cupboard reserved just for them and make sure to file them based on the category, organize all the hospital bills and prescription in a file and the other bills and papers like your insurance or telephone bills in another. Also take care that you keep different folder for each year so that you don’t have to go through each and every one of the papers before you get the right one. You can have small boxes with the label on them to keep different bills and arrange them in your cupboard so that you will never lose any important bills the next time. Even in this case make sure to remove off the unwanted and out dated bills.

Your Child's Room

Most of the time your living room and the other rooms in your house will look impressive but your son's or daughter's room will be in the hell of a mess and you will have to fish around for a long time so as to find a book, a dress or even a piece of their favorite toy. The most practical thing you can do to your child's room is to include a wise piece of furniture where you child can sort everything of his. You can add a trunk to his room so that he can pop in his toys and paintings and de clutter his room faster…. Toys, games and his comic books are the ones that are usually scattered everywhere and if he can store it away without much effort it's well and good. Children don’t like to spend much time on cleaning up their room and most of the time they don't have much time so a trunk or two can help. You can also make a trip into his room once in a while and sit with him to sort off the toys, games or comics which he dont need any more. You don’t have to keep the toys which he have out grown in his room as he always keeps adding one or two items to his room so simultaneous de cluttering is needed to make sure that the room does not look as though a torrent had hit it recently.

These are just some of the things you should see to maintain your house good and neat, but there are also a few things which you should look to once in a few months or in an year so that your house remains as beautiful as it is now. See to the ceiling, room heating systems, drainage etc once in an year and make sure it is in good condition so that you don’t have to face a bigger maintenance work in the long run.

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