Home Maintenance Schedule

Home Maintenance Schedule

"Home is where the Heart is", and truly, every home is the biggest asset of the home owner. Because of this reason every home loving individual will try to keep his or her home in good shape always. Homemakers understand the significance of regular maintenance of a home as a home can be so vulnerable to wearing if left unattended.

Plan the Home Maintenance Schedule

To avoid home degeneration and expensive repairs, it is better to have a routine and frequent home maintenance schedule. This schedule can be seasonal or annually. But whatever way you select, the prominent aspect is that you should be committed enough to perform the tasks regularly. Once you maintain this schedule for quite some time you will figure out that the job is not so tough at all to perform.

Prioritize the Tasks

You can begin with inspecting your home first, and chart out a list of things that you have made out that needs to be done. You can prioritize the items that require first attention, and as you can go along add to your list those articles that need next attention.

Schedule the Activities

Once you have already prepared the listed of maintenance jobs, you can plan a schedule of activities for the tasks and give it a timeline. It is a great advice to put this schedule on a calendar having a year display feature. It would be even better if you get an electronic calendar that having the feature of alert function which can enable you to be on your track with the scheduled maintenance program.

Allot a Budget on Home Maintenance Cost

Several people avoid the importance of plan a home maintenance schedule for their homes. Generally, your house and everything ages with time. This and its constant use will ultimately take their toll leading to reduced efficiency. If your home is rightly maintained, it will lead to a decrease in the quality of living for your family and cause harm to your house and property. Left abused, these damages can bubble over and cause more allied problems. Thus, not budgeting on home maintenance expenses is one of the most unwise financial decisions you could ever make.

Cost of Home Maintenance

It is said that for a median house, the expected budge for home maintenance may range from 1% to 3% of its overall value each year and this figure may also change depending on the age of the house. As your home gets aged, so do your home maintenance expenses.

Knowing how much to budget for home maintenance expense is not an easy job. In addition to scheduled maintenance, there would also be uncalled for repair issues that might come up any time of the year. For every repair and maintenance episode, the actual cost will be based on factors like the quality of substances to be used, volume and scope of the project etc.

How to Save on Home Maintenance Budget

Probably the easiest and highly effective method to save on home maintenance expense is by generating a home maintenance checklist. Highlight weekly, monthly and annual tasks. Religiously follow the scheduled repairs and cleanings as per your manufacturers' suggestions. It would also be useful that you undertake regular inspection of every item in your home and property. Detecting problematic areas and attending to them at the earliest will prevent them from snowballing into severe and more expensive repairs. Another money saving tip is to avoid the temptation of transforming the better look but sacrificing functionality. Prioritization is the key to ward off a busted home maintenance cost budget.

A General Guide to Home Maintenance Schedule

As guide, you can use this list of jobs that you can take up annually:
Have a look at the alarms in the home and change their batteries if needed.

  • Check your chimney routinely.
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts of waste and other clogging substances.
  • Check if there is any soil erosion around the house and check if the water is draining in the proper route toward the sewers.
  • Check out for cracks along the foundation and have a look if there are water marks; beware of termite invasion.
  • Offer the pathways and driveways a minute inspection and check if there are cracks and erosion on the soil.
  • See the windows; look for some signals of repairs; ensure that the stripping is in fine condition.
  • Inspect the windows and glass panes for any cracks and damage. Do the necessary repairs or replacements if required.
  • Inspect the sprinklers; check for damage on the heads or leakage, and replace if needed.
  • Trim the growths on the landscape, and ensure that water is flushing out properly along its route; also check for insect infestation, etc.
  • Clean the outer area of the air conditioning system of debris or leaves.
  • Have a look at the plumbing and drainage system; conduct the necessary repairs on the faulty areas.
  • Do not leave the septic tank system; determine the sludge and scum level, and do the required servicing for it.


The home maintenance schedule will be based on the type of home you own, some homes need least maintenance and some require numerous tasks to maintain its right condition. But irrespective of what kind of maintenance your home needs, the important thing is that you should take initiative yourself to do these tasks regularly on a yearly basis.

One prominent way of losing your home prematurely is to avoid giving it a proper home maintenance schedule.

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