Home Maintenance Guide

Home maintenance is very tough in the present day. When both the men and women of the house are working there is no time for either of them to take care of the house. Home is the place where you would ideally like to crash after you spend a hard day at work. Definitely you would not like to crash in a junk yard for sure. Therefore it is important for everyone to keep their house clean and neat. There are lots of aspects of a house which you should always consider. Here is a guide to how you have to maintain your house every day so that there is no big problem in spending a quiet smooth holiday.

Basics of Home Maintenance

Like everything in the world even house needs to be taken care of. You should maintain your house for your own health and also for having a peaceful mind. Ideally one should divide their yearly schedule of cleaning and maintaining home into either monthly or semi annually. Some of the basic things which one has to maintain so as to have fully functioning home are plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling and gardening. These aspects are very important and cover most of the requirements of the house. One also has to protect their house from various seasons and seasonal changes.

Monthly home maintenance is done to check the basic requirement which do not take lot of your time. Activities like checking the heater or cooler filters, checking the faucets for leakage or flushes in the bathrooms, repairing of minor electricity appliances etc. This will help you to have a working house hold where everything is a step away. You should be systematic to clean the house. This will help you to get what you want in a very short time.

Seasonal home maintenance is done in once every 3 months or 4 months. The top things to see in this maintenance schedule are to check the batteries of smoke detectors, door bells and remote controls. Cleaning the roof gutter will also help you clean the stagnant water. You may have to spend some time in your garden also in this type of maintenance. An untidy garden doesn’t give a good look to your house. Trash cans and other gardening equipment should be cleaned and kept. This will keep you ready for the next pit stop for tiding up your house.         

Other important Home Maintenance

When one is trying to maintain his house, he has to know that there are two aspects broadly classified. One is the exterior aspect and the second being the interior aspect. The aspects which are related to exterior are walls, doors, ceiling, garden, gutters, garages, driveways and sidewalks. These aspects are not the things which are found inside the door. They are the ones which come outside the door. There will be lot of hard work involved in maintaining these aspects. As they are outside and there is no protection to these articles, you should put more effort in maintaining them. Chimneys are also considered to be exterior aspects.

Electric appliances are one of the easiest things to maintain. As they will be in regular use it is difficult for them to spoil. Other interior aspects are plumbing, cleaning of wooden frames, Heaters and coolers, ceilings, walls and kitchen appliances. These are the most important interior aspects. Pests are another headache for people who are not comfortable with animals. Removing pest is a very important move as these pests might spoil most of your wood.

By following the above given parameter you can maintain your housel daily.

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