Home Maintenance Checklist

Our homes are the most valuable assets for us. The responsibility of its maintenance lies on us and holidays are the perfect time to do a complete inspection of your home. Detecting and rectifying problems prior to big emergencies can save time, money and efforts. Making your home more energy proficient can enable cut down high-energy bills, improve comfort level and assist protecting the environment. You can follow the under mentioned home maintenance checklist and checklist lines when you inspect the interior of your house for the winter Season.

Home Maintenance Checklist for Winter Season


Inspect for signs of roof leaks, openings that allow entry of bats, rodents or any other pests, inspect insulation, ventilation openings, chimney, rafters, and side walls.


Inspect dripping faucets, leaking shower heads, not accurate functioning of flush valves, insufficient hot-water supply.

Walls and Ceilings

Keep a check on painted surfaces and wallpaper; inspect for any damage, holes, or bulges in plaster, evidences of loose tape on wallboard.


Check if there are any trouble in the functioning of windows, cracked or broken panes, faulty or difficult-to-operate locks and worn weather stripping.


Examine for loose, worn and creaking boards, cracked and chipped baseboards and any moldings, broken floor tiles.


Look for loose, screeching paths, shaky balustrade and posts, cracked or damaged banisters.

Air Conditioners

Accumulated dust could be a signal that it is time to replace your air filter or that your ductwork is not properly sealed. Bring out and clean filters, inspect channel and cover air conditioner for winter.


See for sagging and sticking of the door; inspect locks and chains replace worn weather stripping.


Examine the dampers, grate, firebox, hearth, andirons, mantelpiece and screen.


Inspect the appliance cable; wipe and clean the ventilator fan and discard any accumulation of dust and grease.


Test all sonic appliances, buzzers, chimes, buzzers, or any burglar alarms.


Inspect for leaks in fuel firebox, pipes, change filter, test dampers and check thermostat operation.

Electrical System

Look the entire house for frayed cords, malfunctioning switches and outlets, erratic connections.


Examine traps, drains, main drain, shutoffs, traps, water line, and pipe lines.


Check for mark of dampness, cracked or broken floors, leaks, cracked walls. Pay attention to joint between walls and floor; this is where the basement leaks develop first.

Basement Pipes

Check all cold-water passages in the basement. Wrap them using insulating substance to avoid sweating and further dripping in the hot summer weather and possible freezing in winter.


Being exposed to southern sun, windowsill may take a beating. Improper windows or high indoor moisture from air leaks can lead to condensation, frost or pools of water on sill and windows causing further damage. Wipe and paint them. You can maintain your window sills free by using plastic laminate to cover them.


Ensure there is no gape between a main house girder and the beam.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

AC Window Units

Take out AC from the storage and place in window, or discard protective winter cover; caulk weather stripping where required; install new filter


Change the filter with new ones.


Check for carbon monoxide and smoke detectors; change batteries.

AC Compressor

Discard debris and hose down; contact serviceman to check coolant level, motor and fan, lubricate if required.


Try spray with hose and wash with mild soap.

Crawl Spaces

Check using flashlight for termites and any moisture.


Inspect for any repair cracks, damage or loose bricks.


Discard debris between boards, wash with soapy water; scrub mildew and remove fungus with bleach. Examine for any exposed wood surfaces, which should be painted; use deck brightener to paint dingy, gray wood; check for shaky nails and change with galvanized screws; change shattered boards.


Remove weatherproof tarps; clean using mild soap and water; check for mildew and use oxygenated bleach to wipe it.

Garage Door

Check and lubricate hinges, tracks and rollers.


Examine after April Showers for loose downspout and sagging connection, make required repairs; take away any spring seedlings or debris.


Watch for cracks and loose bricks, sweep cobwebs and debris from ceilings walls and wash with soapy water; paint wooden floors and steps with specially formulated paint.


Check screws, remove paint and rust where required.


Get rid of storm windows and store; check screens for damages, repair if needed; scrub both frame and mesh with soap and water, and reinstall.


Clean with hose, scrub any mildew or grime with oxygen bleach; check for peeling paint and repair if required.

Swimming Pool

Screw diving board and slide bolts, check bases to concrete; consolidate all screws on grates, handrails and drains; repair the sharp edges; repair damages in fencing, lubricate locks; check pool cover for any requirement of damage repair, remove standing water frequently, store rescue equipment near pool, re-engrave or paint depth markings if required.

Doors and Windows

Check for weather-wearing; change if required to cut down AC costs; wash windows; spray silicone on patio doorways and window panes. A well maintained home will cut down heating costs, inhibit damage from insects, pests and rodents and enable your house a safer home. The above listed checklist of home maintenance checklist will help you maintain your home every year and make your home a better place to live in.

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