How to Help Yourself For Hair Removal at Home

Hair removal can be done in various ways. Most people find going to beauty salons not only expensive but also time consuming. They would instead prefer to try home hair removal methods.

Some of the Home Hair Removal Techniques are:

Threading and Tweezing:

Hair on the delicate parts of the body such as face, upper lip, chin and eye brows can be easily removed by using a tweezers.  Tweezers are easily available at cosmetic stores and involves plucking out the extra hair growth in the areas. Threading is however a skill and may require the help of a friend who can do it for you. Else it is better left to the beautician.


There are two types of wax available. One is the hot bees wax and the other is the cold wax made of sugars and soy cream. Waxing can be easily done at home. The kits containing the solutions are available at stores. One has to simply apply the wax on the desired area and within a few minutes pull it out using thick cloth strips, which can be sourced from your old wardrobe or purchased as disposable readymade ones available in the stores. The method can be used to remove hair from all parts of the body.


Available as electric and manual versions, epilators perform the same function as waxing but use small metal clasps arranged on a head that rotates and pulls out hair form its roots. This is very easy and quick and the instruments are available in all gadget stores. Good branded ones last for a long time and do not have any replaceable parts.

Others Techniques:

There are a few gadgets in the market that are sold as home electrolysis and laser kits. But their efficacy is not proven and since these methods require technique in handling, independent and untrained use of such products is questionable. It is advisable to do sufficient research before using such products.