Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday is the time for shopping, parties and activities. It is the time to spend with friends and family and to put up your best face and making the most of your natural beauty.

You can Just Look Fabulous This Holiday Time With These Few Holiday Makeup Tips:

  • Be glamorous and glittery with your makeup. The latest holiday makeup tips are adding a lot of glitz and glamour to your makeup. If you are heading for any party, try some glittering lip-gloss or lipsticks and eye shadow. There are a lot of shades available in the market which can create the desired effect
  • You can experiment with bold colours and rock this holiday. Don’t be afraid to try browns, reds and pinks as bold colours are in this season. Highlight the prominent features of your face with bold and vibrant colours and let your face do the talking.
  • Natural makeup is also a nice option to choose from Holiday makeup options because “Nothing is more beautiful than natural beauty.” Sometimes, instead of getting all dolled and decked up in glamorous holiday makeup, go for the natural look. It will be looking as gorgeous and fabulous.
  • Smoky eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup trends now. The best part about it is, it goes well with almost any kind of makeup and almost every event. It is also easy to create the smoky eye look. Choose the eye shadow that will look best on you. With 2-3 coats of black eyeliner and mascara, you are ready for the go.
  • Don’t try to match everything to your outfit entirely as it may really make you look tacky. Sometimes, contrasting colours do look better, or shades lighter or deeper than the shade of your outfit. Take for example, if you are wearing a lavender colored dress, dark purple eye shadow is certainly going to look good.

Some Holiday Makeup Tips for Parties

  • Holidays are the time to unwind yourself. If you are going for a party and have put on the fanciest dress in your closet, put on a dramatic makeup.
  • Use a shimmer stick to add that extra glitz to your cheekbones before you step into the party.
  • Avoid overdoing your foundation and compact. This may make you look caked.
  • Take care that the various shades are complementing you and your skin tone. Blend your makeup well. Certainly you want people to notice you, not your makeup.
  • Do not go overboard with the makeup tricks this holiday season. The new mantra seems to be ‘Less is more’. So just try to look best and your natural self instead of looking like a Christmas Tree.