What is Epidural Anesthesia

Time has gone when women have to bear that tremendous pain when giving birth to baby. But with the development of science and modern facilities pain has been controlled by Anesthesia and made it easy to give a birth to new one without much pain. The term epidural has been evolved for which people can get rid of both a loss of sensation and a loss of pain.

History  of Anesthesia Epidural

There were many treatments and several techniques been developed but was not popular before 1901 when first time epidural Anesthesia was discovered. Only general Anesthesia was given only in emergency cases. First time in 1912 a German physician found the Anesthesia drug which prevents the pain impulses. Then it becomes popular by Italian professor in 1930s. If the patient was suffering from any heart disease it was not safe to give general Anesthesia and local Anesthesia was not effective at longer time. In that condition epidural Anesthesia was given to patient and whole delivery was possible smoothly.

Purpose of Epidural Anesthesia 

The main purpose of epidural is to relieve the patient from pain at the time of giving birth. A drug is injected in the spinal cord to numb that portion. By this procedure labour pain lessen down. In this process patient remains in her consciousness. This drug is given by anaesthetic or an obstetrician. In this case local Anesthesia is also given to avoid any infection. This will numb the lower portion of the body. The patient is made to sit or lie on her left side and then this drug is given. The epidural drug is given along with other drugs. This will help the patient to relive her from pain for longer time.

Therefore epidural Anesthesia is a pain reliever, which is used by pregnant women to give birth to their babies.

Types of Epidural Anesthesia

There are three types of Anesthesia:-

Local Anesthesia

This type of Anesthesia is used to numb the small area of the body. In this procedure a drug is injected to numb that portion to complete the procedure of surgery smoothly. Sometimes sprays or cream is also used as per requirement. 

Regional Anesthesia

This type of Anesthesia is used for major surgery so it is used to numb the major part of the body. This is mainly used in epidural and spinal, mainly lower portion of the body. In this procedure a special needle is injected in the spinal to numb that portion. Spinal Anesthesia is injected in spinal fluid and epidural drug is injected outside the spinal column.

General Anesthesia

This type of Anesthesia is used to make the patient sleep or bring him in unconscious state. This is used in complex surgery as any hindrances from patient side can create complex process. It is given through injection or some gas is inhaled to patient through face mask. Anaesthetic keeps the patient under his observation till him come back to his consciousness.