What is Dental Anesthesia

Dental anesthesia is given by injecting the medicine in the nerves of the mouth to numb it. This is because patients cannot tolerate the tremendous pain during the surgery. Anesthesia relieves the patient from pain and the procedure of surgery takes place smoothly. Dental anesthesia is given in two routes:-

  1. Inside the mouth.

  2. Outside the mouth.

If the single tooth of the patient is to be taken out then anaesthesia drug is given around the affected area. If complex surgery is made then it is given on one side of the mouth to numb that portion.

History of Dental Anesthesia

Earlier when a patient had pain in tooth either they ignore the pain or take some pain killer to relieve themselves from pain because they were afraid of surgery of pulling out of their decay tooth.  But now after the discovery of anaesthesia, dentists who are trained in giving anesthesia try to give their patient a comfortable, safe and pain free surgery. They are extensively trained dentists in their field. They help the patient in giving the wide range of options of anesthesia according to the requirements. For this they take an advance education which makes them different from ordinary dentists or oral surgeon.

Purpose of Dental anesthesia

Anything which causes pain creates an obstruction in surgery. A patient can tolerate pain up to certain limit but after that his toralance level breaks; in that case anesthesia is given so that the surgery can be done without any hindrances. Its main purpose is to bring the patient in unconscious state ensuring that he has loss of response of pain, loss his memory for the time being, providing a proper relaxation to skeleton system. It is given in accordance to a person’s age, his body weight, his medical history if any, any sort of medication if he is taking. Keeping all factors in mind, anesthetist give proper drug to patient. 

Types of Dental anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

It is given to control the pain by injecting the needle in some nerves or gum to numb it, this helps in giving the treatment properly. This is most commonly used by dentists. 

General Anesthesia

It is given mainly to children or mentally weak adults. This is because they cannot cooperate with dentist in giving their treatment even if it is a minor one. In this drug is given for bringing the patient in complete unconsciousness. This is mainly given in complex surgery like filling of tooth etc. If a patient is not able to breathe on his own, a tube is attached for breathing.

Tropical Dental Anesthesia

This drug is given only to remove temporary pain and itching. This drug should not be used as it has many side effects. It is only given on doctor’s prescriptions’. It is given to relive throat pain, teething pain, toothaches, discomfort caused by braces.