What is a Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone marrow is said to be an important part of the bone as it forms the new blood cells and prevents the backflow of lymph. It is a flexible tissue. Sometimes there arises major problems in the body and for detecting that problem, doctors recommend a bone marrow biopsy. In bone marrow biopsy doctor take out the sample of bone marrow from hip bone or from any other bone to find out blood related problems. Therefore it is a process of taking out the sample of bone marrow from the patient to find out the problems related to health and other disases.There are several diseases like leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, anaemia, and pancytopenia which can be easily detected through bone marrow biopsy.

History of Biopsy Bone Marrow

Earlier there was a process known as trepanning which is the oldest process that was invented by man to detect diseases and other disorders. In Nov 1972 Biedler found a new cell line from bone marrow from the patients. In December, 1988 there found many diseases in bone marrow biopsy. In Mar 1990 hyperthyroid and multinodular goiter found in the patient whose treatment was done in time. In June 2000 bone marrow biopsy revealed new disease anaemia. In Dec 6, 2006 The Kellys drawn the blood and completed the bone marrow biopsy. But now with the development there found a change in instruments, techniques, anaesthesia, laboratory and the reports which shows the vast improvement in this field.

Biopsy Bone Marrow Purpose

The main purpose of bone marrow biopsy is to take out small sample of bone marrow which is a soft and flexible tissue in the bone for testing of various diseases. There are many diseases which patient cannot detect it in time .This biopsy can easily tell the illness that is surviving in the patient so that treatment can be done to prevent it. The sample is taken from the patient and then sends it in the laboratory for testing. There is only mild soreness will come in the patient but it will last only for few hours. 

Types of Biopsy Bone Marrow

There are two kinds of bone marrow biopsies

Closed (needle) Biopsy

In this type doctor give local anaesthesia to the patient and told him to lie down. The area will be cleaned and doctor will insert a long biopsy needle and takes out the bone sample from the hip bone or any other bone and then clean the area and bandage it. It takes in between 15 to 30 minutes to complete the whole process.

Open Biopsy

In this type of biopsy a cut is made in order to take out the sample of the bone. This is a complex process. Patient is given general anaesthesia so that procedure can be completed successfully. After completing patient is given stitches and he is admitted in the hospital till recovery. Time taken between 40-60 minutes to complete the whole process.

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