What is Appendectomy

Appendix is a small organ starting from the first part of the large intestine. When appendix gets infected, it becomes necessary to remove it. In severe cases it gets leak and also can turn out as a larger in size which can be harmful for ones life. In that case, it’s become necessary to remove it through surgery which is known as appendectomy. It is important to remove appendix after observing the symptoms as it can get swell or can be burst out. There is no other way by which appendix can be cure. No medication or medicines can help in reliving the pain as compared to surgery. So it is better to detect the pain as early as possible and get it operated as possible.

History of Appendectomy

The first time appendectomy was discovered by Claudius Amyand in 1735.earlier doctor were not able to evaluate the pain caused due to appendix. They give the simple medication for reliving the pain temporarily. With the lack of development and technology patient has to suffer the pain and after the physical examination and through tests it was discovered that patient is suffering from appendix pain. But with the new technologies and methods things has improved a lot. A new approach has been made to find out the reasons for pain and proper medications are also available for that. With the science, complications have been removed and now it becomes rare for people to have an appendix pain.

Purpose of an Appendectomy

The main purpose of appendectomy is to remove the infected appendix in order to protect the patient ‘slife. When appendix got infection, either it get pus or sometimes it get rupture before this condition surgeon, after diagnosing the patient and reviewing his medical reports, makes a small surgery and they will remove the appendix. The main symptom of this appendix is severe pain cause in lower abdomen and patient feel vomiting and last symptom is fever which will continue over a period of time.

Types of Appendectomy

There are two types of Appendectomy open surgery, or laparoscopically. 

Open Appendectomy

In this process surgeon give anaesthesia to make the patient sleep after that he make a cut two to three inches long through the skin and abdominal wall around the area of appendix. After examine the area he remove the appendix from its place and then check whether there is any pus or not. If there is any then he drains out the pus through tube and then he stitches back the abdomen.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy

In this case anaesthesia is given to the patient to bring him in unconsciousness state. In this process the surgeon uses minimum equipments and techniques to remove the appendix. In this surgeon make three to four cut in the abdomen and then they insert the camera and surgical equipments in it. The main purpose of inserting the camera is to see the clear view of the area and its help the surgeon in removing the appendix smoothly. This surgery is bit expensive as compared to open one but its recovery is faster than open surgery.