Hip Replacement Preparation

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is not advisable in each and every issue affecting hips and legs. You will have to really analyze your problem and find out whether hip replacement is necessary for you. Let us look at the minimum requirements needed for hip replacement surgery.

Minimum Requirements for Hip Replacement

  • Medical history: An orthopedic surgeon must gather information about the general health. It should explain the details about the intensity of hip pain, the daily activity sheet, the restrictions seen in movements and its effect in daily life.

  • Strength: Mobility, strength and alignment of the bones must be assessed and reported in the sheet.

  • X-ray: An X-ray should be taken where the pain occurs. This should provide necessary details for the surgeon.

  • Blood test: The blood test with blood count can help to evaluate your health condition.

  • MRI:  An MRI scan can help to determine the present status and other related tissues.

Preparation for Hip Replacement

  • Medical Evaluation: Complete medical evaluation to be done as per the minimum requirements for the surgery.

  • Preparing Your Skin: Skin should be taken care without any infections so that the surgery can take place without any complications.

  • Medications: The medications that you use must be checked before the surgery. Take a physicians opinion on the same.

  • Weight Loss: It would be great if you can lose some weight before surgery, if you are overweight.

  • Dental Evaluation: To avoid bacteria entering the bloodstream through any gaps, a proper dental evaluation must be done and taken care of.

  • Urinary Evaluation: A proper urinary evaluation is also necessary to avoid unnecessary infections and complications.

  • Social Planning: A proper planning should be done or the post surgery life. You may take some weeks to walk properly.

Process of Hip Replacement

You will be admitted to the hospital on the day of surgery or may be one day before also. A general anesthesia will be the mostly given. The surgical procedure takes only a few hours. The damaged cartilage will be removed by the surgeon; the damaged bone also will be removed. In place of these metal/plastic or ceramic materials will be used to align the hip properly. The functioning of the hip will be okay after this. Different types of approaches are used in the surgery according to the complication you have. The ball and socket component plays the most important role. After the surgery, mostly you will be under observation for one day just to take care of you basic things and will be shifted to your room. Some surgeries offer the patient a comfortable walk within 3-4 days even.