Hip Replacement Advantages and Disadvantages

Hip replacement is the final stage of dealing with hip issues. There are different methods used to replace the hip. The joint pain that you feel during the illness can lead to a surgery which often has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages.

Advantages of Hip Replacement

Hip replacement will have lots of advantages in a person’s life. It helps a person physically as well as mentally

Relief from the pain: Hip replacement is the ultimate solution for the pain that happens with hip and associated parts. An immediate solution like surgery can completely remove the pain from your body and make you at ease.

Mental fitness: Most of the hip problems affect a person’s life and it affects his mental health also. By doing a hip replacement surgery, a person can get relief from the pain and thus get his mental health back.

Joint movement: The best thing that you can get from a hip replacement surgery is to get relief from the joint pain but the effective output is to get the proper movements back. The ball and socket arrangement of the hip and leg will be in the previous position and a person can walk easily after the surgery.

Disadvantages of Hip Replacement

There are certain disadvantages also for hip replacement.

Dislocation: After the surgery, dislocation of hip ball may happen if not taken care properly. This may lead to big issues. Doing an anterior approach surgery can reduce the chance of dislocation.

Osteolysis: The polyethylene wear debris, fine bits of plastic that come off the cup liner can cause problems after sometime. Bone resorption may happen and the hip joints can be loosened after sometime.

Leg length effect: The leg length can be reduced or increased because of the hip replacement surgery. This may cause problems in walking and easy movement of a person and can affect his future life.

Side Effects of Hip Replacement

Metal sensitivity: The metal particles inside the parts and its debris can cause issues with metal sensitivity. Many studies have indicated that the use of metals like chromium and cobalt may induce toxic sensation to the blood and can be life threatening after long years.

Nerve palsy: Post operative sciatic nerve palsy is another complication that may occur due to hip replacement surgery. Patients with pre existing nerve problems and injuries are at greater risk.