High Risk Pregnancy

A high risk pregnancy is one in which the woman faces serious complications such as concurrent, disorder or external factor affects the health of the mother as well as the fetus. The external factor refers to poverty, lack of support of people, poor coping mechanism, genetic inheritance or past history of pregnancy complications. It becomes very high risk if any chronic illness exists during pregnancy or any kind of complication occurs. 

Pregnancy itself is a very sensitive stage and needs a lot of care and attention and if the pregnancy stands in a high risk category then the guidance, care and attention required will be three times more than the normal one. There are some pregnancy care tips, measures and cautions that every pregnant woman need to undergo and avoid being in the zone of high risk pregnancy. The tips and recommendation given by the doctors should be followed and along with that any pregnant woman should prepare herself for the pregnancy by having healthy and proper diet and keeping herself physically fit. To avoid high risk pregnancy one should also avoid the unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking, smoking and taking prenatal supplement. 

High Risk Pregnancy

The dilemma that whether you are at high risk pregnancy or not comes in every woman who is pregnant. To know that a doctor is consulted but every doctor, OBGYN and midwife have different reasons and things that place the risk category. It all depends on the situation. Here are some common reasons which suggest whether you are at a high risk pregnancy or not:

  • Diabetes: If you have it or you develop it during your pregnancy diabetes may place you in a high risk pregnancy category. It may get severe if you have diabetes earlier and this may increase the intensity of risk.

  • High Blood Pressure: Another reason for high risk pregnancy and it will almost land the pregnant woman to complete bed rest.

  • Lupus: If you have lupus pregnancy then definitely you are in a high risk pregnancy.

  • Multiples: If you are carrying more than one foetus then you will be placed in the category of high risk pregnancy.

  • Prior Premature Delivery: This is something that makes all the doctors or midwives a bit cautious and refer you to an OBGYN so that your risk is bit low.

  • History of Miscarriage: If you have had earlier pregnancy that was not successful then you come under a special treatment as the pregnancy immediately after miscarriage will be at a high risk and thus you need a lot of bed rest. 

  • Epilepsy: As you are unable to take most of the medicine during pregnancy being epileptic places you in the high risk pregnancy zone. 

  • Pre existing Medical Condition: Some of the medical problems that exist in the mother will be another reason for placing you in the high risk pregnancy category such as:

    • Cancer 
    • Heart Disease 
    • High blood Pressure 
    • Diabetes 
    • STDs 
    • Kidney problems 
    • Young age 
    • Underweight 
    • Obesity 

The above mentioned reasons are pre existing in pregnant woman thus leading to high risk pregnancy. But there are some factors that develop during pregnancy itself and if these reasons develop you might land up into a high risk pregnancy zone. Therefore, even if you are complication free or normal pregnancy then also nothing should be taken lightly. You should always be under the supervision of the doctor and always a proper care and guidance should be taken. If by any chance the baby in the mother’s womb develops a serious medical condition then this may be classified as a high risk. Here are some factors that contribute to high risk pregnancy and develop during the pregnancy itself:

  • Preterm Labor 

  • Gestational Diabetes 

  • Preeclampsia or Eclampsia 

  •  Multiples 

  • High blood Pressure 

  • Genetic defects or abnormalities in baby

These medical conditions may be caused by the lifestyle that you live in, the food you take in and the exposure to the environment. Also if you go through any kind of emotional disturbance or stress then this may also cause some kind of risk to be developed in your pregnancy. This is the reason why it is always advised to pregnant women to visit doctors regularly and be very careful and attentive so that none of the risk gets a chance to arise.