Exotic High Fashion Makeup Styles and Looks

Exotic High Fashion Makeup Styles and Looks

Makeup styles are versatile and are widely diversified. There are lots of styles which on can adopt to get the perfect look for your face. Some of the most elegant styles are the individually highlighting the face or by completely adopting a particular look. One of the most important aspect by which you choose the look you desire is the shape of the face. Depending on the face shape you can make necessary changes in the makeup which you want. Some of the popular make up styles are emo make up styles, elegant make up style, brighter wider eyes, 70s make up style for the retro look etc. 

Exotic Makeup Styles 

For those who want to make peoples head turn towards you, then exotic make up styles are the best way you can do it. The most important aspects in making the exotic make up style are given below.

  • Eyes are the most important part of any face. The most of the work is done near the eyes because they alone portray the complete look. It is important to highlight the eyes in a proper way. For those who like to make them glittery and punk use the blue eye shadow and make them glitter with some sparkles. Place a light blue shadow to dark shaded blue shadow all over the eyelids. You may like to avoid stretching the shadows till you the brow as this may make you look like a clown which is definitely not preferable. With a blending makeup brush you can highlight the corners elegantly.
  • Kohl is another basic makeup essential which will bring the glow to your face. You can check out with some Indian or eastern friends who use kohl a lot. You can just apply the kohl along the eye line and smudge it along. The best aspect of kohl is it goes with any color of shadows and also highlights the eyes very well. By using kohl you will get the best cat eye look. 
  • The most exotic look would be the Smokey eyes. The ultimate combination would be the Smokey eyes with nude lips. To get the Smokey eyes looks you can choose any color like black, gray, green or even blue. It is simple to get the Smokey eye look. Apply the eyeliner or shadow on the eye lid. Spread it in such a way that it is dark near the lash and goes light when it goes closer to the brow. 
  • Any guys dream girl would definitely be with luscious red lipstick. Red lipstick makes a powerful impact with its dynamic color. If you want to highlight your lips and make them look exotic then the simple thing would be to simply keep neutral make up all over and have red lipstick. You can apply some gloss to make it look more luscious. Just to make it balance so that your lips don’t look too bright, you can go for some mascara. 

One key point you need to remember is that you can get all these makeup done with the simplest of makeup kits. You may need to buy a few different colors of eyeliners and shadows just to give yourself some variety.