Hiccups Home Remedies

Hiccups Home Remedies

About Hiccups Home Remedies

  • A hiccup is a condition in which a sound comes out of the mouth because of the opening and closing of a mucous membrane that is attached to larynx.
  • When you eat food too quickly or you eat too much it irritates the diaphragm. Mostly these hiccups last for few minutes only.
  • In rare cases, it lasts for few days or weeks but it can also be a sign of other medical problem.
  • The main cause of hiccups is diabetes, smoking, having liquor, having food in hurry, cancer, inflammation, etc.
  • Many people try different remedies for hiccups. Some of them may be used by you also.
  • Like people say holding breath for few seconds works while other say that to drink water from the wrong side of the glass is very effective.
  • Some people put sugar under their tongue to get rid of this irritating hiccup.

Natural Remedies for Hiccups

Here we are giving you some home remedies to get rid of hiccups

  • Sugar is well known and the best remedy to stop hiccups. What you have to do is to take about one teaspoon of sugar and swallow it slowly. It is really a useful tip.
  • You can try curd with salt. You can take half cup of curd and add one or two teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Eating small piece of ginger is very effective to stop hiccups.
  • Take a full glass of water and add half teaspoon of cardamom to it. Now boil it till it comes to half. Drink it slowly after cooling it a little bit. It gives relaxation to the diaphragm and as a result hiccups stop.
  • You can also put ice on the diaphragm and then quickly have ice water.
  • If you want to stop your hiccups immediately just close your ears with fingers and drink water with the help of straw.
  • Another effective way is to close both of your eyes and hold your breath for few seconds and then exhale. It gives a quick result.
  • You can try one more method by covering your mouth and nose with a cloth and then check that air should neither enter nor got out of your mouth or nose. Stay like this for some seconds and then take a long breath. You will be benefited.
  • Close your mouth and ears. Then press gently your eyeballs to get rid of hiccups.
  • Try to avoid hiccups and work in a normal way you will see that hiccups will go automatically.
  • Try to talk or laugh loudly to relax your diaphragm.

Dos of Hiccups

Person suffering from hiccups should not take unhealthy or junk food rather he/she should take balanced diet.

Don’ts of Hiccups

People have myth that if we take big byte of food it will stop hiccups it is wrong rather this process is the cause of hiccups.