Herpes Home Remedies

Herpes Virus Causes

A virus called as herpes simplex causes the infection. The viral infection herpes is extremely contagious. Normally the infection is caused due to sharing the utensils while eating, kissing or physical intimacy.

The symptoms of herpes are strain, weakness etc. There are two types of herpes- one is oral herpes that causes fever blisters or cold sores around the mouth and another one is genital herpes that causes herpes in the lower part of the waist.

Herpes Home Remedies

Knowing the herpes home remedies could help you in getting rid of the pain and burning sensation. You can control the outbreak of this viral infection by trying the tested home remedies mentioned below:

  • Prepare a cup of black tea by using Earl Grey, English breakfast or any other black tea bag. Let it get cooled. Apply the lukewarm or cool tea bag to the infected area and keep it there for around five minutes. Do it repeatedly for two to three times a day. You can get better results if this treatment is started immediately after noticing the symptoms. The black tea leaves, botanically known as Camellia sinensis, has a greater concentration of tannins that has both anti-inflammatory and antiviral impacts.
  • Wrap up the ice in a towel or a piece of cloth. Place it on the infected area. You can also replace the ice by a packet of frozen peas or veges.  Applying ice to a developing cold sore reduces the pain and the lower temperature of the infection restrains the virus.
  • Manuka Honey is a medicinal honey mainly available in New Zealand. It’s antibacterial and anti viral properties helps in healing the herpes speedily. Apply Manuka Honey locally over the infected area several times in a day, as soon as you notice the infection. Though this home remedy leaves a sticky feeling, it is good to try at home because clinical trials of Manuka Honey have been seen to speed up the healing of HSV lesions.
  • This is a medicinal honey native to New Zealand which can be applied to the affected area to help speed healing. Manuka honey is antibacterial and antiviral, so aside from the sticky feeling it is a good home remedy to try. Manuka honey is renowned for its wound healing properties and in clinical trials was found to speed up the healing of Herpes Simplex Viral blisters.
  • Take black coffee without sugar and apply the leftover on the herpes.  
  • Mix few drops of bergamot oil and eucalyptus oil. Apply the mix to infected area at a regular interval.
  • Take a cup of olive oil add some bee wax and lavender oil to it. Cook the mix for some time. Get it cooled and apply that to the herpes.
  • Add 30 gms of dried mallow roots, mullein and marsh mallow roots to three to four liters of water. Boil the mix for few minutes and strain. This minimizes the irritation and prevents the herpes infection.
  • Wrap up grated carrot in a cloth and apply it to the lesions. This will minimize the glandular swelling , irritation and provide a healing touch.
  • Moisten a cotton ball or tissue slightly, cover it up with Baking Soda and apply to the infected area.  It is important not to re-dip the tissue or cotton ball in the soda box again after you have applied it to the infection once. This action may contaminate the residual soda in the box. 

Apart from following the above home remedies, consume foods that are rich in vitamins, zinc and iron. Intake of leafy vegetables and fruits is highly recommended to prevent herpes.