Herbal Supplements for Energy

Before one opts for herbal supplements for energy, it is important to understand their mode of action. Accordingly, herbal supplements for energy are categorized as – stimulants and tonics. These herbal energy supplements follow various pathways of metabolism. A brief description of some of the energizers is given below:


work by increasing adrenaline levels in the body, which in turn increases the blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Some of the commonly used herbal stimulants include:


The extract obtained from the herb Glycyrrhiza glabra is a non-alkaloid stimulant. Its active ingredient is glycyrrhizin that is known to stimulate the adrenal cortex and regulating metabolism. This particularly helps sports persons to quickly recover from strenuous training sessions. People with liver and heart diseases and high BP should not use it. It should be consumed in recommended dosages under the guidance and knowledge of your registered


Technically known as Gingko biloba, it is a Chinese herb known to increase mental alertness and energy levels. One precaution is, as it has blood thinning properties, persons who take medicines such as aspirin and other anticoagulants should not use Gingko.


This is an energy supplement used worldwide by all sports persons especially athletes. Siberian ginseng is the best variety of ginseng. It is known to build stamina and health, in addition to being an excellent stress buster.

Herbal tonics

act on the strengthening the body from within such as boosting the immune system. Their method of action is however difficult to trace.

Green tea:

Is a tea that is traditionally brewed in China. The leaves of an herb called Camellia sinensis when brewed for a few minutes in boiling water, releases its extracts that have medicinal properties. They are known for stimulating the body and brain and also increasing immunity. Thus they provide long lasting stamina and energy, day after day.

Gotu Kola:

It is an herb of American origin and well known herbal tonic. It stimulates the brain and helps in clarity of thinking. In addition to enhancing brain activity, it boosts the stamina and immune system. Hence it is an overall health-restoring tonic.

Grape juice:

is well known among athletes and players as it provides instant energy on field.


When taken along with a glass of milk, dates give an instant burst of energy. This fact is well known since ancient time. It is rich in Iron and other vital vitamins and is hence recommended for general health also.

These herbal supplements for energy are time tested and can be used safely under medical guidance.