Hellp Syndrome in Pregnancy

What is Hellp Syndrome in Pregnancy

Hellp syndrome is a kind of disease that affects the pregnant woman. Hellp syndrome in pregnancy is characterized by a triad of hemolytic anaemia that is elevated in liver enzymes and low platelet count. It is also associated with high blood pressure that happens to be another factor that persists during pregnancy. 

Hellp syndrome in pregnancy is a rare disorder as is mostly asymptomatic till complications arise. It is generally present as a pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. It is believed that this pain generally occurs due to the stretching of the pain sensitive capsule of the liver. Hellp syndrome in pregnancy beside the pain it accompanies itself with nausea, vomiting and headache. At times blurring of vision is also associated with the same.    

Women may also get some symptoms of anaemia beside hellp syndrome and this happens due to the destructions of blood cells. Symptoms of anaemia will include fatigue, breathlessness and effort intolerance. If any kind of clinical examination is done to detect the hellp syndrome in pregnancy it is very likely that it reveals high BP, pale looking skin and mucosa and a light tenderness over the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. The diagnosis of the same is done by the laboratory finding of anaemia, reduced platelet count and elevated liver enzymes.

If the hellp syndrome is not treated on time then it may give invitation to some unwanted complications like for example disseminated intra vascular coagulation. Such complication may be dangerous as they may increase the risk of miscarriage or even infertility. 

Hellp Syndrome in Pregnancy

Hellp syndrome is a kind of disease that is not very commonly found in the expected mothers. On the other this is a very dangerous disease that needs a regular check up and proper treatment. It generally occurs in the last 3 months of the gestation period and may also occur immediately after the delivery of the baby. 

Hellp syndrome in pregnancy follows a similar treatment that of hypertension. In such condition pregnant women should be under complete bed rest and meticulous attention is required to both maternal and foetal health. Salt is completely restricted in the diet of the pregnant women who is suffering from hellp syndrome. Transfusion of blood and platelet may be necessary. Till date there is no effective treatment have been discovered for the elevated liver enzymes. 

If by any chance the condition of the mother is deteriorated or worsened due to the presence of hellp syndrome in pregnancy that it is advisable by the doctors and the obstetrician to terminate the pregnancy and such decision is taken in the interest of the mother’s health. As there is no predictive factor that can be seen for hellp syndrome and no specific measures have been suggested thus it the best thing suggested about such condition is awareness or prevention of the same.

Hellp syndrome in pregnancy is not very common but whenever it occurs it leads to some very serious consequences. It is very sad to know that yet the reason behind this disease is not discovered. It can affect any women who are pregnant but it has been stated after few research that women getting pregnant after the age of 25 is likely to be at a higher risk then the women below the age of 25 for getting the hellp syndrome in pregnancy. Apart from this woman who has the history of being a victim of hypertension or high BP will also be at a higher risk of hellp syndrome and due to this hellp syndrome the high BP raises to a dangerous level. At the end it affects both the mother and her baby and the effect may be fatal too. 

It is generally stated that prevention is better than cure. Same is case in the disease. If you feel that there is a slight change is yourself it would be better that you should consult a doctor immediately it will help you and your doctor in order to diagnose your hellp syndrome in pregnancy. Thus it is said that there are treatment available for such problems but the same vary from person to person. Therefore treatment is better than prevention as the treatment may create some side effects that may increase some other risk or complication.