Hanging Garden

Crammed flats and narrow homes can be given a facelift with hanging gardens. Fruits and vegetables can be homegrown which also adds color to the house. Economical and easy to maintain Hanging gardens are a good alternative for people with green fingers. Hanging gardens sustain water loving plant species, such as ferns, lilies, sedges, and orchids.

History of Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden has derived its name from one the seven wonder of the World, Hanging gardens of Babylon. An unusual form of spring-supported plant community, fragile and delicate, Hanging Gardens were spotted along the canyons and side drainages of River and tiny brooks. Research shows tiny ferns crawling on the walls of a canyon; absorb water that seeps out of the stone, flows down the sides of a cliff. Plants grow directly on the cliff face and drop to the ground.

Design of Hanging Garden

The scope for optimal application of hanging gardens spreads from formal Corporate Hospitality conferences, Exhibitions, Themed Events, and Product Launches. Informal   Private Functions like birthdays, Anniversary and Weddings have ample scope for ornate themed Hanging Gardens.

Props can be done up with plants dangling to division and structure to an event. Balustrade, trelliswork, statues, pillars and columns, figurines, walkways and aisles, picket fencing can be decorated to create an illusion of Hanging Gardens.

Architecture of Hanging Garden

Planters-Hanging planters are available in many creative shapes, sizes and materials. Wire baskets are attractive and authentic to look, plastic planters light on the pocket.

Plastic Planters-Plastic planters retain moisture more efficiently. Mostly sold in dark shades of green they blend into the garden foliage.

Wire Planters-Suitable for herbs, they are lined with coco-fiber, or sphagnum moss. Burlap and old woolen fabric also make attractive but demand regular watering and soil monitoring.  

Other Planters -Galvanized buckets, baskets, and colanders, they can add a dash of eclectic and customized look to your hanging garden.