Permanent Hair Removal Methods for Hands

Hair growth at places on the body other that on the head is undesirable in women. A fact of human nature is that women with hairless bodies are more desirable. Due to this reason, women like to get rid of excess hair on their body. In this section we discuss methods of hands hair removal.

How to do Waxing on Hands

This is by far the most popular and convenient method of hands hair removal. Waxing is a procedure that needs to be done skillfully but anyone can learn waxing so it need not be done by a professional. In the process of waxing for hands hair removal, hot wax is applied to the hairy surface of the hands by means of a spatula. A fabric strip is then placed on the wax and kept there until the wax sets. Once the wax has set the fabric strip is yanked off the hand bringing with it the hair which gets removed from the hands.

Depilation Method for Hair Removal

In this method of hands hair removal, a cream is applied to the hairy sections of the hand. The hair comes off along with the cream, leaving a smooth, hairless surface on the hand. One should be careful while using depilatory creams and if there is any suspicion of allergy or irritation, the case should be referred to a qualified skin specialist.

Permanent Hair Removal Method (Electrolysis)

This is a fairly permanent method of hands hair removal which uses electricity to get rid of the unwanted hair. Needles are used to penetrate the base of the hair roots. These needles are then charged with electricity which destroys the hair follicles at the base. This results in arresting the hair growth and new hair is least likely to develop.

Laser Therapy for Hair Removal

This is a development on the electrolysis method. In the laser method of hands hair removal, laser beams are directed on the hair roots which destroy the hair. Once the hair has been destroyed at the roots, it does not grow back. Care has to be taken after undergoing laser hair removal to avoid direct sunlight on the operated areas as this could result in pigmentation and irritation problems.

Cost of Hands Hair Removal

The cheapest in the short run is shaving and depilation which should cost no more than $4.00 to $5.00 a month waxing is cheaper in the long run. Even though waxing costs $10.00 to $15.00 per session, you don’t have to make another visit for almost two months. If you use a home kit for waxing, you can even do it cheaper. Electrolysis and laser surgery starts at about $25.00 per session but it can be higher depending on the category of the place.

Side Effects of Hands Hair Removal

You may experience some stubble from shaving and redness from waxing. Depilation can cause irritation to the skin. Laser and electrolysis can cause red blotches but these soon fade off in a few hours.