Half Moon Yoga


Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana is a standing yoga posture and is practiced to strengthen the one of the most important part of human body used for all kinds of physical activity - legs and ankles. This yoga can be practiced by anyone but is particularly beneficial for sports person. It not only gives strength to your legs and ankles but also built in confidence and makes you stress free.

How to Practice Half Moon Yoga

You should follow the following steps to practice Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana 

  1. Point one Foot forward and place the other foot a little back. 

  2. Turn the back foot outwards and then open the hip. 

  3. Bend the first leg and put the hand down on the mat in front of you. Place the hands forward and diagonally out. If you want more challenging version of this yoga, then you can put the hands straight in front of the foot. 

  4. Open the raised hip by rotating it. Try to vertically align the hips. A flexible groin and hamstrings will help you to get the vertical alignment of the hips. If you are not able to achieve, do not get disappoint or stress your body. With practice you will be able to achieve the same over time.

However, it is important to note the following points:

  1. First you lean forward over the hand and then lift the leg. By doing so, you will feel more security and stability in the posture. 
  2. Do not raise the leg before the hand is placed on the mat. It is also easier to rotate the hip and maintain stability in the posture if the hand is taken diagonally out instead of directly in front of the foot. 
  3. Try to rest on the finger tips on the mat instead of the palm. This will allow better energy to flow through the fingers and in turn will strengthen the fingers and the lowest side of the body can lengthen more. 
  4. If you experience that your legs are not flexible enough then use a block or bend the knee of the leg that is down. It is important to work on hamstring flexibility. 

Benefits of Half Moon Yoga Posture or Ardh Chandrasana

Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana  is a yoga asana to strengthen your legs and ankles. It helps to strengthen the muscles around your thighs, spine, butt, and ankle. Ardh Chandrasana is also beneficial for stretching the shoulder muscles, the hamstrings, the groin muscles, the chest muscles, and the calf muscles. Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana also helps to improve digestion. Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana also helps to make you stomach stronger. People aiming to reduce their waist line can also include Half moon yoga posture or Ardh Chandrasana in their regular exercises. It also helps people to relive stress and brings peace to the mind. 

Also remember that if you are experiencing problems with insomnia, reduced blood pressure, or diarrhoea, you should not practice this yoga posture.

Ardha Chandrasana is an excellent yoga posture to strengthen ones capability to balance the body.