Halasana Yoga

Halasana Yoga

Today life is so stressful that people are suffering from various pain and diseases. Therefore different yoga’s asana has been made so that person can get himself rid from stressful and painful life.Halasana is the main asana for spinal cord. People who are suffering from arthritis, neck pain or back stiffness can easily get rid of this disorder through this asana. The only thing is, the person has to take out some time from his busy schedule for this asana to improve his health because this will not take anything from us rather provide us healthy way of living.

How to Perform Halasana

This asana is not easy. Therefore, it takes some time to come in practice. The person can join yoga class and for this asana a person should put a folded blanket under the shoulder. This is done in order to raise the head at some level and to support the shoulder. Lie on your back. Then moving your legs upwards over the head so that legs touches the ground inversily. It is difficult for the person who is doing it for the first time. In this case person should take the support of the wall or help from other person or trainer. Then keep your arms at your back, stretch your arm keeping your hips straight to your head. Then come back slowly keeping your legs down supporting your vertebra and then keeping your legs down on to the ground. One should remember that he should not put stress on neck or shoulder.

When to Perform Halasana   

This plow pose is good at the time of pregnancy, a person having high blood pressure. It should be avoided at the time ofmenstruation. In late pregnancy or when time of delivery is about to come then this pose should be avoided. Obese patient can turn themselves into slim and trim by adopting plow pose in their lifestyle. This asana provide peace and calmness in life therefore improves the living style. Removes mental stress and therefore person is able to concentrate in his work more likely.

Benefits of Halasana

The benefits of this ashans is great because it stretches the back of the person as no other asana does. It makes the spine flexible because it is helpful in opening and stretching each and every spinal muscles and bone. Our body muscles gets tense due to regular work load as a result of which person feel so stretch and stiff around the neck and shoulder that regular pain in that area can lead to damages. Plow pose helps in removing the pain and helps in increasing the blood supply in spinal cord and nerves which is the base of whole body. It makes the abdominal muscles and organ strong and relive from constipation, menopause. Overall this posture increases the lifeline and adds some healthy days in life.halasana yoga