Hair Styling

Always envied the women with to-die-for locks? Well do not forget, they were not only blessed with a healthy hair, they also have basic hair care knowledge, hair styling secrets and a darn good stylist.
Here are a few Hair styling secrets that can make your hair look amazing:

Hair Styling Secret #1: Shampoo Your Hair, If Necessary, Daily!

Yes, if you want to, you can shampoo your hair daily with gentle and mild shampoo. If you are depressed with super-oily hair, shampoo daily, but with a mild daily-use one. It is better than styling your hair with blow-dryers, flatirons and curling irons which do the most of the damage. Shampoo your mane, and let the hair air-dry. There is no style as good as clean and shiny hair!

Hair Styling Secret #2: Dirty Hair Can Be Easier To Style

Strange it may sound, but it is true, interestingly. Stylists find it easy to style your hair if you have not washed your hair in the morning of an updo. Sometimes they will put some dry shampoo on your hair. It is a very important tip to be kept in mind if you are visiting a stylist for a grand social occasion. If you want to create your own updo, this tip will be helpful as well. If your hair is feeling oily, sprinkle some baby powder on your hair to soak up the extra oil. This will give you hair the same texture as dry shampoo!

Hair Styling Secret #3: Don't Bring Out The Brush Soon

When you are blow-drying your hair, do not be in a haste to brush your hair. First, separate the tangles with fingers and wait until it is almost dry. Then only you should try brushing. Make sure that your fingers are gliding effortlessly through your hair. 

Hair Styling Secret #4: Bangs Are In, Make Sure You Get The Right Bangs

Who does not find thick, heavy bangs and side-swept bangs cool? However, take care that you do not end up with thin, wispy, all-one-length bangs as it may only make your face look dull, outdated and old. One style that can never go out of fashion is thick bangs paired with long, wavy layers. It is a classic and sexy style. If you have the right highlights, this may change your overall look. If you are not ready for thick bangs, then try side-swept bangs paired with long layers. However, they should hit the middle of your brows. Too short bangs can make you look dated.

Hair Styling Secret #5: Don't Wait Very Long Before Color Touch-Ups

If you are having colored hair, go for touch-ups on a regular basis (about every 28 days). This may prevent your hair color from turning a ghoulish shade. You will also save yourself a few pennies as your stylist won't have to dye your whole head as the color have literally discolored. Before going to the stylist, you can cover up roots with a home hair-color kit as there are some amazing root touch-up kits out there in the market nowadays. Do not be too tensed if the color is not perfectly matching. Use a clean mascara wand instead of the brush that comes in the kit.