Hairstyle Tips

Hairstyle Tips

The most important of hair style tips is to know what suits the shape of the face and flatters your look. It not only adds a new element to your attitude, but also frames the way the world looks at you. Yes, it is really true. Flaunting the correct hairstyle with the correct shape of the face is absolutely necessary to complement your lifestyle. It is not only about looking good, but feeling good as well.

Hairstyle Tips for Different Faces

Oval Face:

  • The ones that have oval face are really blessed when it comes to hair style, as any style will suit them. However, if your face is long, flaunt short hair with fringes.
  • Don't go for a severe long hairdo that will only make your face look longer.

Square Face:

  • If you are having a square face and a broad forehead you can go for a step cut or feather cut. For those with bulky or curly hair, maintain the hair in one length just below the chin.
  • Don’t ever go for bobs or blunt-clipped bangs as they will only make your face look all the more square.
  • It is always mandatory to soften the jaw line of those who have square face. A diagonal fringe can do the trick.

Round Face:

  • A round face calls for adding some length. If you do not want to have long hair, add volume on the top, or style your hair by parting on the side.
  • A neat bob with a fringe is a strict no no.
  • A short, layered cut may go nice with a round face.
  • While making topknots, let out some loose and elongated tendrils to balance the roundness of the face. Never severely tie back your hair.

Triangular Face:

  • For those who have triangular face, softly wave or curl the hair around the jaws. Straight or waved bangs on the forehead will also look nice.

More Hair Style Tips:

  • Don’t just run to anyone to get your hair cut. Look for someone who has specialized in the business.
  • Even if you like coloring your hair too often, avoid doing it frequently. The chemicals used in the hair colors make the hair rough and course in the long run.
  • For those who have long, wavy, and thick hair, wear your hair long. The weight of the hair will flatten the waves
  • When you are using de-frizzing products, use quality products. Otherwise, the result will be just opposite.
  • Clean your hair regularly with a mild shampoo. For thick and curly hair, leave-in conditioners are just a great option.
  • Do not use hot water while washing your hair.
  • If your hair is thin, to give it a fuller look, it is a good idea to blow-dry it to give it a thick and full look.
  • Sometimes, you should be a bit experimental when it comes to using different products (shampoo, conditioners or hair serums) on the hair. You may never know what suits you until you use them.